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Here's What Listeners Share About Their Experiences

Dearest Lauren, Thank you so much for the sharing of such beautiful insights and love. I am deeply grateful for the many golden gifts your healing conversations have afforded me. Your starlight uplifts and inspires. Thank you. Infinite gratitude, praise and love, Eloise

Hi Lauren, I love listening to your healing retreats. Your recent interview with Raquel Spencer is the best I have heard her do on any talk show.Love and gratitude for all that you do. Leanna

Dear Lauren, Thank you so much for these interviews and especially for the healing retreats. I am so grateful to you for making this available FREE so that those who aren't in position to purchase can still benefit. Your interviews are all of such a high standard and you have a lovely calming interview style that doesn't overpower the speakers messages. I like how your interviews have more content and less hard sell of products that other teleseminars I've heard. Thank you for being such a blessing and sharing your light with others. Blessings, Rachel

Thankyou so very much, Lauren, truly beautiful...kinda remarkably held in the energy of , avalon, wondering if thats the lemurian conduit in the U.K.!!!..completely surprised me!!!..so much love..keep opening up these communication pathways.xx

Dear Lauren, I have been listening to your Healing Conversations period for some time now. Your presence is so sweet and so affirming and i have enjoyed not only your guests and their gifts of love, but also your clarifications and searching comments. Thank you so much for the work you are doing for Spirit and Spirit seekers. - Rene

Thank you much Lauren for your generosity! Truly appreciated!


I love you Lauren. You're amazing! Hugs Jen

Thank you very much for your generosity dearest Lauren. May God blesses you even more - Thaya

Oh Lauren...you beautiful embodiment of love, light and empowerment...thankyou so much!! I was thrilled to the core to register your connection with sandra walters...her presence is a gift to the planet..and her course..a true way sharing discovery. Thankyou for bringing together such a collective oratory of the human conscious expression...deep deeep gratitude! Lynne

thank you so much for bringing us these messengers of light and special offers, - You are doing a phantastic job of finding these very special healers. I had been a fan of Raquel Spencer and had her album before, but acoustically your interview is the acoustically richest of all her interviews and recordings that I ever heard about her work.

I love the energy coming from your deep, sonorous voice. Thank you again for all your work! Light & Joy, Margarete

Today I listened to Bill Farber's 1st video today with Lauren Galey!!!!! I felt the 4 alignments so powerfully! I'm Full of LOVE, my physical body is vibrating rainbow colors: very bright and sparkling, then I close my eyes and all I see in the 3rd eye is :Me totally aligned shafts of Light - Diamonds and KNOW I've expanded into my True Self♡ <3 :-) MArcy

Omg..... wow.....incredible ....eminence power....Thank You Soooo much! Love is all there is....Love Marcy ♡ < 3

Lauren I can't thank you enough for the energy alignment from Bill Farber. I don't have words to describe how "life" changing that was for me!!! I'm a Lightworker, I was totally aligned into Full Ascension. I've lived All my life for this day☆☆☆ I AM LOVE ... Knowing ALL is love... :) Gratitude goes to you, Lauren for giving me the biggest GIFT I'll ever recieve! Namaste' Marcy ♡ < 3

Hi Lauren, I'm new to your website and your work. I was led to your website through your conversation with Linda Dillon who I listen to alot through her website and the Golden Age of Gaia. However after listening to that initial conversation, I also began listening to other conversations, now the most recent with Sandra Walter. I am just really grateful for your service, because it really is amazing. I love how each show is different and you allow each guest to kind've put in their own energies in the way they desire but you always offer such great points and commentary that helps to sum everything up and keep it together so it is incredibly effective. I also love the special offers that you offer together with your guest that help to catalyze and support our continued spiritual growth. I am really so happy I found your website and radio show! Love and Blessings! Kyle

Thank you Lauren,I really Love the information your sharing with all of us… Blessings, Albert M

Dearest Lauren, Thank you so much for all the wonderful work that you do. I have been enjoying this summer's healing conversations immensely. I would have to say that these events that you hold space for have been huge in my own journey, and I'm sure for many others as well. Blessings and so much love, Lisa

Oh Lovely Lauren! Thank you soooooooooooooo much as I LOVE this kind of "stuff"! You sure know how to sing my song! It is so fun to manifest like this! What else is possible? Amy S

! Let me first congratulate you with the wonderful on-line retreats you are organizing you are doing an amazing job!!!! Loved your summer Online Healing Retreats. Good luck with all the work that you are doing and that is coming your way, you can be sure I will enjoy the result thoroughly. Love and Light, Rimke

Dear Lauren, Much gratitude for the precious jewels that I will take time to listen to! Many Blessings, Marianona

Dear Lauren, David & Erina Cowan's show was very inspiring. I had learned a new way of dowsing. I shall get David's book. Thank you for another great show. Love and many blessings, Soyin

Thank you for this Lauren, and for your entire series! It's been very important for me and has made a big difference in my life. Just the right thing at the right time. Until the next series, Toula

Thanks so much Lauren, I do love that you've opened up the world of healers for us here down under! Love and Blessings, Dianne

Lauren,Thank you so much!! Your kindness means more than you know. Blessing and love to you, Barbara

Lauren I do love the series ! I did sign up for the series and have grown in leaps and bounds VIBRATIONALLY/ENERGETICALLY....WOW....BLISSSSSSSS......this truly has been ......there truly are no words to describe this series that has helped me with my own Soul's growth. Thank you Lauren for putting together the experience of a lifetime of learning withing these teleseminars. Sincerely, Carolyn

Hello sweet lauren how fortunate I am to have met you this summer for all the worth while events you have turned me onto and Oh my what a Miracle in disguise. I have friends and family that are always asking me how I can continue to smile with joy after receiving such news this early spring of carcinoma and now to have it completely removed by a pure Miracle. This is due to you coming into my life as your soft spoken angelic voice permeating thru ~ out the Internet channels. Receiving these explosive energies indeed ~ thank you lauren In love n'light ~ Glenda

Thank you dear Lauren for the time and effort you have put in to give us this great gift of wisdom and insights thru such wonderful people. I have not listened to everybody yet but I have downloaded most of them so in the weeks to come I will be able to listen and relisten. It feels as having vitamins stored in my soul’s cupboard for the heavy days to come. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May what you have given come back to you 1000 fold. My love and prayers for you, Carolien ( Belgium)

Thank you Lauren, uou have very nice "radio" voice. Barbara K

Just wanted to send you love with heartfelt gratitude for all you do......and all you have given. Amazing how different things are from when we first met. You have been such a key part of my journey with opening doors for support, connections and inspiration from all those you have had on your shows......Loving you Bigger than Big~~~ Thank you x a Trinity Love Kathleen

Thanks again Lauren, You are truly an Earth Angel and have earned an abundant supply of Cosmic cookies (i.e. Dharma!!). This series of Conversations and Healing Retreats has been absolutely AWESOME and you have done an incredible job of co-ordinating all of this and bringing it to fruition so efficiently. I am particularly grateful for all the Galactic webinars as this is my passion. You are a LEGEND. Infinite gratitude and love, Christina

Thank You Lauren..another fascinating show. Love and Blessings, Lincoln

Thank you so much, Lauren, for the amazing job you and your crew have done arranging and presenting these phenomenal sessions. They truly have been life-altering as they have steered me in new directions. I am looking forward to receiving my CD of all the presenters as well as listening in on any future sessions you sponsor. Namaste, Pat R Hi Lauren, Astounding and outstanding! I am speechless, again. The Delores Cannon and Sheldon Nidle conversations were so on target for me. Again, both mentioned the range of feelings I had been having over the last year. I thought I was losing my mind! I have looked at both Delores' and Sheldon's web sites and will access them again for more information! I am thrilled to know that many others are feeling the same way as I am, especially since many close friends and family think I am weird. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a Blessing! (When the student is ready, the teacher(s) will appear!) Love, Laughter and Light, Joan G

Hi Lauren, You really have a fantastic and diverse list of guests, with little or no interruptions. Thank you so much for the gift of your shows! Blessings, Martha

Can't tell you what a life saver you've been to an otherwise empty summer in between difficulties. Two more shows to go. Thanks.!! It really helped me put this time into perspective, like nothing else has. You are consistently the most genuine sounding hostess - I never tire or find fault with you. Thanks for your initiative. Cheers. Charolotte B

Thank you. It is agreat service that you do for us. Danita

I love your program. You let your guests really speak without interruptions and it is not so commercial. Congratulations!!! Blessings, Martha (in Portugal)

OMG, Lauren, Dannion was AWE- freakin' -SOME last night!!!!! I thoroughly resonated with his message thoughts & revelations, many kind thanks! Bobby Angel

Dear Lauren, It is so wonderful you bring these increadibly wide variety of people to your show. Raymond Grace was true delight to listen to. He is real, he is sound, and he is an excellent teacher. You introduce us to people we wanna know. Aloha, Maya

OMG Lauren, That was AMAZING. Thank you so much for putting these online retreats together Christine is a rare gift I am absolutely feeling the shift in vibration energy moving thru me AND lucky for me I DO have a patch of dirt in my garden to connect with and ground with the mother Blessings oh lady of light Lindy

Huge Thanks and Appreciation to you Lauren for the show today with Raymon Grace. He is a wondrous being !! I have his first book and used his techniques for years but in juggling life and relocating etc etc.. I had not been using these techniques. I am informed that I was still using the essence of them.. As he said once the mind is expanded, it does not go back to the previous size. :) At this time I see the perfection of coming to the computer just in time to listen in to this show with you and Raymon.Then I found his websites and watched and participated in his Blueprint for Freedom video working with my current dwelling and property and surroundings. I have done these clearings in the past and other modalities.. But Now is Now and at the frequency and level that I am living in now.. I am so pleased to work with this again in this fashion.And it is such a sweet thing to pass on to others that is simple and elegant. Much much love and smiles and appreciation and silly songs to you from me Eesha Laurel in Arkansas singing with the crystals

WOW - Lauren, I want to congratulate you for sharing todays conversation with Raymon Grace! I absolutely enjoyed his down-to-earth, up-front, and no-nonsense Approach to a spiritual concept! I felt like listening to a 'next door neighbor and friend' who's not afraid to say 'I don't know - but believe...', and who still Gets 'through to you'! Thanks again, sweet Dear Sister! Much Love from deep within, Namaste! Veronika

Lauren, yesterday is so difficult I am a loss for words. Within minutes of Christine starting the energy flowed to me b i g time! I was in another dimension and saw birds circling but now I believe they were something else because in another flash the vision of them were closer and they resembled a spaceship coming toward me from in the sky. I was gone. I hardly remember to breathe and take in air and put it out my lungs...to repeat the words coming from Christine. It was wonderful. It did take me a while to get my bearings so that I could stand on my feet. The energy was so beautiful. Lauren, how to describe a beautiful high frequency energy of divine love? I thank you for this series! I also thank Christine. I purchased her book in June. I truly wonderful experience. Carolyn

LAUREN YOU ARE AN ANGEL! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR BEUTIFULL GIFTS! I am so happy with everything you contribute....LOVE Karin

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