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Today's Guest: Cristo Bowers

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Overcoming Negative and Limiting Beliefs that Block Abundance
Cristo Bowers is an Esoteric Psychologist and Intuitive who helps in the identification and unraveling of Negative and Limiting Beliefs that keep us from abundance, joy, happiness and health. Join us in today's call where we meet Cristo, and watch how he locates and dissolves a few mis-aligned beliefs that limit our abundance and forward progress. As we learn how to embrace our passion, this is an important step in removing negative beliefs. Enjoy the show!

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A Fascinating Healing Conversation with Cristo Bowers

This show includes 2 Quick Meditation Processes to Tap into Your Insight, and another to recognize what first order intuitive hits you’ve recieved but have taken no action with.

Cristo Bowers has a unique ability to see into one’s auric or human energy field to see the distortions, negative thought forms or beliefs that actually hold us back from achieving our dreams or greatest desires. He addresses financial abundance and illustrates how he can read the energy field to identify these limiting beliefs. Cristo believes all lightworkers and healers need to embrace their passions so that abundance flows in our lives. This is a powerful and transforming call!

About Cristo Bowers
Cristo has conducted studies in consciousness since he experienced an expanded state of awareness brought about by physical exhaustion at the age of 16. That experience led him on a 22-year quest to understand God through spiritual, religious, scientific, and metaphysical studies, and the practice of meditation in 1998.

In 2007, after approximately 9 years of meditation practice, Cristo experienced another expansion of consciousness, which ultimately led to his ability to perceive and interpret the superphysical structures and organization that define the human energy field. Some of the information he sees is documented by other intuitives and clairvoyants, such as Carolyn Myss, Barbara Brennan, the founding members of the Theosophical Society, and Geoffrey Hodson, but is often ill-defined or insufficiently elaborated. He also perceives aspects of the human energy field that are, as of yet, undocumented. He has a comprehensive understanding of the human energy field and the ability to communicate this understanding to others.

Since 2007, Cristo has had a private practice as an esoteric psychologist, where he employs his ability to see the human energy field and its superphysical structures and organization to bring unconscious, limiting beliefs and complexes, individual archetypes, and other aspects of the human energy field into the awareness of individuals to facilitate their healing. Throughout the course of his practice, he has kept extensive records and documented thousands of individual cases, from which he has constructed a comprehensive map of the human energy field. He has a strong desire to reveal his insights pertaining to these newly documented areas of the human energy field to healers, teachers, and leaders. His goal is to communicate these facts to humanity to awaken it to its underlying unity and singular orientation, thereby ultimately transforming human consciousness.

Special Offer from Cristo Bowers

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