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Kathryn Jensen on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Kathryn Jensen

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Healing with Dolphin Energy & Consciously Connecting with Dolphins

Dolphins and whales know that healing our hearts is the only way to create inner peace. The cetaceans recognize that only people who are at peace with themselves can create peace on Earth and effective stewardship of the environment. Listen to this conversation with Kathryn who shares on how we can connect to dolphins and whales, and she offers an activation with the Red Ray of Unconditional Love.

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Enjoy this Healing Conversation with Kathryn Jensen who discusses:

A Transmission from Lord Maitreya via Kathryn Jensen on Cetaceans of Earth

The cetaceans or the dolphins and whales of Mother Earth serve a special purpose in the lives of human beings.

Cetaceans have lived on Earth for approximately 50,000,000 years and through out this time, have contributed to the development of Earth’s electromagnetic grid system which includes the system of vortexes.  The human force field is very connected to this electromagnetic grid.  Human life depends on the interplay between Earth’s grid system and the human force field.

Cetaceans perpetually conduct the business of communication with one another through this complex grid system. Their very complex methods for communication have been researched by biologist Dr. John Lilly.

Lily also researched the cetacean brain. Contemporary researches have refined Dr. Lilly’s research. Researchers state that the cetacean brain has a far bigger capacity for rational thought than the human brain.

The cetaceans of Mother Earth share the human desire to live in peace. They share concern about the environment. Cetaceans know how to live in peace. Cetaceans, however, have no control over contamination of their home environment, the sea.

Cetaceans communicate in a way that percolates through the consciousness of people who have learned to quiet their minds and listen. Cetaceans communicate telepathically through a diverse group of people, who have the capacity to receive their heartfelt pleas for conscious environmental action and peaceful resolution to conflict.

For example, sensitive, aware, biologists, scholars, energy healers and spiritually gifted children receive cetacean messages. These people provide their own special interpretations of the cetacean’s consciousness of how to live peacefully and treat Mother Earth with reverence.

The scholars have followed the course of human-cetacean relationships throughout time. The comfort and sustenance that cetaceans have provided human beings has included rescue of humans stranded at sea, helping fishermen catch fish, leading boats safely through potentially dangerous reefs into sheltered bays, leading swimmers to shore when sharks posed a potential threat, and various other acts that let people know cetaceans care for them and respect them.

Scholars have also cited stories and legends concerning the spiritual power of cetaceans. Throughout human history cetaceans have very definitely influenced the spiritual awareness of human beings.

We, the brethren of higher realms of consciousness, encourage a deepening of the human-cetacean relationship. We provide leadership to people in learning to hold the frequency of love in their heart centers. We feel cetaceans model this ability.

We have reverence for you and your compassionate concern for healing the environment and promoting a depth of peaceful co-existence among human beings. In ancient Lemuria, the cetaceans lived side by side human beings, as equal partners, in structuring peaceful communities. They lived in complete harmony with the natural world. This consciousness has been resurfacing.

A partnership between human beings and cetaceans has been developing. For example, in certain communities around the world, people are privileged to be able to swim in warm, safe waters with pods of dolphins. The pod consciousness has begun to permeate the cellular structure of the people who swim with dolphins regularly.

Pod consciousness is awareness of how to live peacefully in community. Pod consciousness is awareness of how to heal the waters of the planet.

The principle of polarity has been exposed to people who swim on a regular basis with dolphins. These people purify their container of the physical and emotional bodies so deeply that they begin to experience certain physical and emotional challenges. They begin to detoxify the physical body and physical problems that have lain dormant may surface, create discomfort and the person may pursue healing of the problem.

The emotionally challenging experience of fear based pattern removal begins in the presence of dolphins. People experience the surfacing of trauma experienced in childhood. As childhood trauma surfaces and clears, people experience the memories of problems experienced in previous incarnations.

Dolphins live in a frequency love that’s able to be measured with instruments used in scientific research. Dolphins utilize this frequency of love to help one another heal the effects of trauma. They have advanced energy healing skills. Therefore, when dolphins experience trauma, they assist one another in immediately releasing and healing the negative effects of the daily life problems they experience.

About Kathryn Jensen

Kathryn Jensen has developed a healing system based on light filled lessons she received from the Ascended Masters and her mentor and teacher, Avatar Sathya Sai Baba. The healing system provides one with a special, practical way to release and transform fear encountered in daily life. This is a healing system modeled on the healing methods dolphins use with their pod members.

Kathryn currently lives in Colorado and thrives on the beauty and solitude of the Colorado wilderness. She also lives part time on The Big Island of Hawaii. “When I’m in Hawaii, I swim almost daily with the local pods of dolphins. I swim and surround myself and the dolphins with the healing rays of love-light. These are the healing energies the Essences for the Home Temple and the Blue Dolphin Essences represent. The dolphins very obviously enjoy being bathed in these light filled frequencies and joyfully return the favor. Most importantly the dolphins have responded by telepathically and energetically leading me even more deeply into lessons on how to use the rays of love-light in my life. “

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