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Healing Conversations

Soluntra King on Healing Conversations

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Show Guest: Soluntra King

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Cosmic, Solar and Earth Energy Shifts

Soluntra King joins us for a Healing Conversation to discuss the cosmic, solar and earth energy shifts and changes taking place within us at a cellular and DNA level and our awakening multi­dimensional self. Experience meditations and activations into the new you, just waiting to unfold.

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Enjoy this Healing Conversation with Soluntra King who offers activations and alignments

The Inner Earth Sun, the heart of our Earth, and the feminine nurturing essence of the Earth is changing rapidly, and is here to support us as we too connect into the heart of our self, one with the heart of the Earth.

The Inner Earth's magnetic core and Sun stabilises the universal electromagnetic energy as well as our Earth's, when the energy becomes less at the core then the tectonic plates shift and volcanoes explode to create more energy at the core of the Earth and Inner Sun to maintain harmony with the Universe. As we connect into the Inner Earth Sun this stabilises the Earth and us.

A Note From Soluntra King:

It’s been pretty intense as we knew it would be with Wave X and Light from the Galactic Core and Suns blasting out all the illusion, deceit and lack of integrity on the planet.

There is no excuse now for anyone not be able to see what is happening, so the most asleep person just can’t sleep in anymore. It’s wake up time for the third wavers and below I have an article on Wave X and what occurred and is on going.

As well as whats happening with the Inner Earth Sun which is a gauge of whats happening with us and more to come on November 25th.

No matter whats going down; refugees, invasions, war, pollution, weather changes its all forcing us to raise our vibrations and come from love and unity, acceptance and allowing as the only way to navigate through the transition period we are in.

I know in personal lives at present there is a lot of death happening right now. Physically, and metaphysically as the old ways are no longer able to stay with the influx and Love and Divine Light that is permeating us from within the Earth herself and from the Galactic Centre which is also within us and the Suns all one.

About Soluntra King

I am an anchor of Light, assisting in the shift in cycle and establishing the foundations of the New Earth, working with the Councils of Light, Rishis and Galactic Federation in the Golden Solar Discs and Solar Grid activations, the Crystalline Grid harmonization, Cosmic Eggs, Star Alignments, Stargates and Diamond Light illumination. My main focus is the bigger picture work in preparation for the Age of Light and the transference of energies from the old to the New Earth. I was a Naturopath and guide to inner healing for many years and facilitate workshops and journeys worldwide. I have brought through new information and activations of the Chakras and higher light octave Chakras, Light Body and DNA in my workshops, website and books “Light Code Activations”, ”Diamond Light Illumination”, DVD Light Codes” and my work with the RA source energies through the Suns and Second Sun in “Handbook of RA” and other publications. I make Star essences, Gem and Flower and am an Artist of mandala sets and paintings for inner union and awakening.

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