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~Tube Torus~

Your Heart creates an electro-magnetic donut-shaped field known as a Tube Torus

A Tube Torus emerges from the Seed of Life / Genesis pattern

A one dimensional Tube Torus is created by slightly spinning a second Seed of Life

The Torus also appears as a crop circle in May of 2009

The Torus is made from the Ascension Rings, creating energy codes of Light

​Flexible enough to house a crystal within the Torus

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The Practitioners Set for Professional or Personal Use

The Tensor Trio is a fantastic, potent, and powerful set of Rings when used together. Use this traditional set to remove blockages, dissolve Energetic Implants, open and clear chakras. "Straighten" antennas. Assist to release Programs, Beliefs and Emotions that no longer serve us. The fourth ring in this practicable, magical, all-purpose set, is the Heavy Duty Light-Ring.

Used both actively and passively, Tensor Rings can simply be placed under a person's chair or healing table. Within this Light field, all transformational work simply takes quicker and easier. The Tensor fields are beneficial and synergize with any modality or type of energy work.

The 24"-28" Tensor Trio come in heavy 6 gauge copper, while the Heavy Duty Light-Ring is made of an ultra-heavy 4 gauge. Included in the set are:

144 MHz Ring
177 MHz Ring
188 MHz Ring
Heavy Duty Light-Ring

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Using the Practitioner’s Set:

Place the Tensor Trio on the ground in a concentric pattern, one inside the other, for the client to stand in. The fourth Ring will be used by you. These three Rings create a column of Light, working on the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. The 144MHz (smallest ring) works on the physical, and the Cubit frequency comes from the Great pyramid. The next ring, the 177 MHz, is a Cubit frequency discovered by a mathematician, and works on the mental/emotional bodies. The 188 MHz is the largest ring, resonating with the pineal gland, and helps with all the release work. It is also used as the Horse Harmonizer, which clears trauma and neglect from a horse's field.

The 188 MHz Tensor Ring transmutes those programs, beliefs, and emotions that no longer serve you, as you release them into the column of Light.

To do this release work, simply take a deep breath in, and with intention use your out breath to release those programs, beliefs, and emotions that no longer serve us. As we help move them with a breath, they are release and transmuted so we may not take them back.

In a moment, we will use the Light-Ring (aka Ascension Ring), made out of the Galactic Cubit, to bring over the client. The actual process of running the Ring should only take about 3 minutes.

Hand your client the Light-Ring while you continue with the presentation. While holding onto the Galactic Cubit, it is seen that the Higher Soul Self and all your Soul's aspects are holding onto this Ring at the same time. If you are not already working with the Council of Light, your Higher Soul Self is given an emissary to this Council. You can now bring through all the Source Rays that are appropriate for you. These Rays can clean, clear, heal, and manifest… all for your Highest and Greatest Good, per your Higher Soul Self, as this Ring connects to, and works with your Higher Soul Self. To “fill in” those spaces and places that we are releasing from, the Light-Ring will bring through whatever is needed for you. To get the most from Source rays, we can consciously connect to the Council of Light. Simply stand in gratitude, and ask for the appropriate rays to flow to where they are needed.

You are welcome to call in your Angels or Guides, those who are there for your Highest and Greatest Good, to assist in both releasing and bringing in all that is for your Highest and Greatest Good, while aligning all Time, Space, and Dimension with the Now moment.

I like to give the client a Light-Seed to hold wherever/however they feel during the process. If you have a second Seed available, perhaps place it in the middle of the three Rings, between the feet. You will find, with these tools, to Just follow with what feels right while working with them.

The Ring will assist in cutting any non-beneficial cords, clean and clear chakras, open energy meridians, and dissolve any non-beneficial energetic implants.

Use the Ultra-Heavy Light-Ring to bring as high above the person as possible, to catch all the antennae. People have been growing connections to their Star-System or Energy Group, and sometimes these "antenna" need adjusting. While running the Ring, you can usually feel "something" that is going on. This is my truth, please be true what yours is!

Bring the hoop horizontal and slowly lower it toward the head. We are now opening the Crown. The person running the Ring will usually notice the sticky, or heavy, spots.

As the Rings passes the Pineal, note any "heaviness" you may feel or note reactions from client. Occasionally you will find an energetic implant on the Pineal that will be dissolved away and the spaces filled with the appropriate rays of Light. Slowly guide the Ring up, down, or in a holding pattern, until you feel complete and then keep flowing downward (most implants will be fully dissolved within 30 seconds, though a single implant may connect in multiple places within the body).

Continue a gentle, guiding monologue during the process, reminding them to release all which no longer serves them, if you get "stuck" in a spot for more than a few seconds. The throat and the High Heart are two areas that you may find a "catch" in, but especially the High Heart. It seems that so many of us hold stuff in our High Heart area. Allow a few seconds in an area to open and clear it.

Pass the Light-Ring down to the feet. Sometimes you will feel complete and leave the Ring on the ground. Othertimes you may feel compelled to move the Ring back up the body and over the head, checking for and clearing any areas along the way. There is no wrong way to use the rings in this sense.

For Passive Use of the 4-Ring Set:

The Rings can be laid out under your healing table or chair that client is in. The Rings create columns of Light that raise the frequency and vibration of every cell, and in-between every cell, of the client's body. This allows for any bodywork being done to take easier!!! Some place Rings under their table into the Vesica Piscis, or intersecting areas of a circle, to place their crystals and other tools in.

Brian used to keep a ring around himself during Space Clearing sessions as a form of energetic protection. You can keep one around you or your space during sessions as well.

Sleeping within a column of Light is another way I passively utilize my Rings. As with all Tensor Technology, you receive only what is for your greatest good. These tools will be continually beneficial throughout your time with them!

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