Mastery Empowerment Course: New Earth Embodiment Coronation Christ Consciousness

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You are invited to join is in this gifted Mastery Empowerment Course and sound healing ceremony for New Earth in which we proudly and lovingly command our crowns, our mastery, our embodiment as pure love master builders of New Earth. Featuring sonic activations with sound healing facilitator and Keeper of the Trees Christopher Parnell. Christopher transcribes the profound wisdom of Gaia and the tree beings through the vibrational resonance of his hand-made didgeridoos. All trees are gifts from the forest beings as felled trees.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Quantum Tools for Creating Your Best Life

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Have you heard of something called the Mandela Effect? Many people are noticing changes between how they remember events, and what the current historical records show. People are observing changes in physiology, geography, books, music, TV and movies, as well as just about every aspect of our lives. The significance of this phenomenon is that we may be witnessing first-hand evidence of the way that collective consciousness can physically influence physical reality.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Quantum Healing Tools for Optimizing Your Immune System

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The Health Concept of the Future – Today!

Revolutionary Scientific Tools for Your Healing!  Innovative Russian Doctor and Scientist!

Emphasis will be on why the immune defense systems weakens and what you can do to boost it. Oxygenating your cells and Structuring your body’s fluids can have amazing effects on your immune system…and your entire health

Mastery Empowerment Course: Immune Booster Cellular Upgrade

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Transform and reprogram your cells to hold Life Force Energy and Divine Intelligence allowing you to raise your frequency and support Health and Vitality! Using specific frequency codes that are transmitted to the genes, this package is taking Immune Boosters to a Molecular Level! Using intentional Molecular Creation and coding of the DNA with cutting edge technology held in the intelligence of ORMUS Gold and Scalar Energy programs, you can reprogram your cells to avoid penetration of the COV19 virus! The Time is NOW!

Mastery Empowerment Class: 3M Healing Frequencies with Gene Ang

3 Sessions: Audio Download

In this Mastery Empowerment class, we will be exposed to the latest Arcturian Healing Healing Frequencies. After each exposure to the frequencies, there will be some time for discussion of your experiences and answering of any questions that arise from the process. The three days are meant to be an opportunity for the acceleration of consciousness and spiritual development utilizing the latest Arcturian frequencies hitting the planet.