Amrita Stargazer

Xi Amrita Stargazer: Dream-Weaver of Source Activation & Lightworker Empowerments

Active Lightwork lessons and psychic empowerment for lightworkers: light & sound technologies for healing and spiritual fortification. We will talk about the parasitic construct, DNA degradation of humanity, and the Golden Frequency solution. We will experience a group golden frequency meditation and source reconnection session, as well as receive a source DNA activation sound code transmission.

Michelle Manning Kogler: Explode Your Positive Money Karma for Expansive Wealth

Demolish Your Hidden Generational and Personal Negative Money Karma Programming so you can Create Explosive, Expansive Wealth! Learn all about a powerful spiritual technology that you can use to blow out the blocks that are keeping broke and unhappy, and replace them with your Divine Blueprint for instant magnetism and creation codes for your wealth attraction and financial success.”

Terry Andersen

Terry Anderson: Accurate Readings by Medical Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Controlled Remote Viewer

I help people transform their lives using scientific & intuitive applications that informs & empowers all who work with me. If you seek accurate insight into your health, business, love or career; if you want to connect to departed loved ones; feel “stuck” in your life; or need support with life changes, grief, loss or trauma, I invite you to read my about my background, training & Testimonials by others who’ve worked with me, then register for a transformational session for yourself, or purchase as a gift for someone else.

Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter: The Ascension Path Update & New Earth Energetics

Ascension Wayshower Sandra Walter joins us to discuss the new energetics of this year!

This is active territory as Solaris becomes more stimulated by the intergalactic pathways, which effects Gaia’s core, and our own heart centers. We take it Gateway by Gateway, understanding the physical manifestation is a reflection of what is already occurring with the higher timeline.

Aurora Luna Star: Attract Amazing Love: Experiencing Love & Ascension

So many relationships are going through the turbulence of change through these intense energy shifts that we are experiencing. As the planet goes through increased photonic light, the Schuman resonance continues to rise and the Hz at which Gaia vibrates rapidly increases, we also deeply feel and experience the symptoms of ascension. Through the holographic field of our co-creation we are being called to step into new levels of compassion, love and sovereignty, owning our manifestations and bringing in the highest levels of our authentic-self.

Dr. Eivor G Johansson: Sexual Energy Leading to Higher Consciousness

For eons of time, sexual energy has been deemed dirty, filled with criticism and judgment, and now the present time Ascension has given us a chance to review our sexual energy on a deeper level through our hearts.

There is a new sexual revolution going on that will release immense internal power when the ancient built up frequency has been converged from being stuck in the lower chakras, to a higher octave of love, freedom and joy.