Erica VanEaton: Accessing the Quantum Field to Facilitate Transformation

It has been through the birth of my oldest son that was born with Down syndrome and we later realized was on the Autism Spectrum, that my journey into the world of energy and healing began. When he was born we had an instant connection. Even though I didn’t understand the concepts of consciousness, spirituality, or energy healing at the time I began to hear and understand the world through his eyes. He taught me the power of communication and how it affected him. He also taught me how to play in the Quantum Field to help create a memory for him to step into the physical world. He taught me how to heal.

Rev. Angelia LaRue: Time Proven Solid Conscious Evolution with Energy Downloads from the Pleiadeans

These Pleiadean Energy Codeums Transmissions have music and stunning videos and are energy packed for a full immersive effect. Many weeks went into making, recording, editing and producing one each of these juicy, rich, visual, energy download productions! It’s been 6 months in the making to introduce these amazing energies and productions to you. A true labor of love for you Evolving Consciousness, Health and Well-Being!