Shelley Young: Twinflames and Soul Connections – Understanding and Navigating Higher Vibrational Relationships

As the world continues to shift and evolve, so will our relationships, and more twin flame / soul connections will be drawn together. These relationships are activating, intense, uncomfortable, beautiful, moving, confusing, amazing, indescribable, and profoundly connected.

Up until now, the number of these relationships that have moved into full union have been few and far between, but I believe we are now in a space where not only will more people be meeting these deep connections, they will be able to shift out of the old 3D models into pioneering new and sustainable higher vibrational relationships.

Charan Surdhar: Reawaken the Miracle YOU

There is a miracle waiting to unfold in you in every moment. It is where your health, and abundance reside, it is accessible to you right now. Whatever you are experiencing right now, is only a reflection of what beliefs and perceptions, yours or your ancestors, that your DNA is reflecting back to you. The Power of her work is her science background, and merging this with ancient wisdom, allowing her to beautifully manipulate DNA functions on a quantum level! Powerful work!

Sheryl Ann Noday: One of the Many Gifts of Channeling Is Growth

Lets chat about personal growth that is the precipise of channeling, the undenying shadow intergration that comes with all authentic channeling. Raising ones vibration is far more than techniques or exercises. When one is willing to look to the past to reep the power there in, great movement within the Soul is experienced.
Lets talk about why July 23 is the most powerful day of the year

Vandana Atara: Loving, Honoring & Integrating Your Shadow Selves

We all are made of light & shadow!
Carl Jung said that the shadow is an aspect that’s kept hidden in the dark and out of your everyday conscious awareness.
It’s the part of you that often feels stuck, silenced or shut down.
But what if you didn’t have to work so hard to hide your gifts, your powers & what makes you truly unique anymore?
And what if you could heal & harmonize your shadow side into 100% pure light?
On this sacred soul journey, you will truly discover your hidden jewels & buried treasures so you can recover the parts of you that have been lost, forgotten or disowned.

Tracey Ash: Avatar

We have an unprecedented cosmic opportunity to redefine humanity. Just what is happening in 2019/2020. In visions, of prophesy and contact since childhood Tracey Ash has been directed to premier ancient sites to open the seven gateways to our central sun. In her work with individuals she is a formidable channel and catalyst of your original sacred contracts. She is an EMOTO scientifically researched field-leader and meta-physics genius. Capable of weaving timelines over life times.

Sandra Walter: 2020 Timelines and the Freedom Codes

Our collective timeline shift is fully in the 2020 trajectory now. With the Freedom codes flowing and old timelines and stories dissolving, a great acceleration is upon the Ascending collective.

Sandra Walter provides the higher perspective on the Crystalline Corridor opening and release of Freedom codes. She shares how to use these upgrades to enhance our journeys and align with the highest expression of Divinity through our Embodiment. These Freedom codes blast open our hearts and journeys to align us with the higher trajectory of the energetic shift of the December eclipse Gateway.

Carmelle Riley: Embracing the Sacred in the Everyday – Living Creatively With Indigeninaity, Matauranga, Taonga, and the Atua Domains

All human life descended from 7 African women so we are all indigenous somewhere in our human experience. In the rush to clear trauma from our fields and move past the gifts our ancestors choose not to accept, we can miss the rich ancestoral store of indigenous gifts, knowledge, and treasures that are ours to claim to make this life more curious, creative and fun. Discover your ancient gifts from the Atua (nature, the cosmos, the elemental domains) and use these to bring the sacred into every moment. Embracing every moment as sacred will raise your vibrations to align with love, joy, beauty and consciousness

Octavia Brooks: HSP Entrepreneur: How Your Sensitivity Helps the World

As Highly Sensitive People, we have special gifts and talents to offer the world and most typical jobs aren’t a great fit for our nervous systems. We decide to become self-employed and share our wisdom and insight to help others on our own terms. When we get into business however, it can feel overwhelming to balance personal and business needs to create well-rounded success. In this show, hear how you can use comforting guided visualizations, not only for inner calm and peace, but to strengthen your business skills. These spiritual tools and energy practices are essential for your well-being, and to your success in bringing your gifts to the world.

Jonathan Glass: Total Life Cleanse: Rejuvenation and Healing for Body Mind and Soul

Total Life Cleanse (TLC) supports a quantum shift in body, mind and soul. With practical instruction, knowledge and timeless wisdom, TLC nurtures an elevated foundation for wellbeing for the rest of your life…one that nourishes all of you…your entire being. The practical and profound wisdom of the East, from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine is truly relevant today and will likely turn out to contribute to our greatest personal, collective and environmental healing!

Join us for this opportunity to upgrade your approach to healing, personal growth, spiritual development and environmental recovery!

Ambujam Rose: Yes…But What Is True? Group Power Healing + Mini Readings

Let’s take things to the next level! We all have our reactions and ego preferences about people, situations and and our life right?! But what is true? What is our truest action and choice for any situation or relationship. Do I leave this relationship, this job, this situation, this home or do I stay? We are faced with choices daily, but what If we ask the question “What is true?” This question can lead us to living our lives FROM our awakening, FROM our wholeness and from what is the highest and best for all concerned. In order to even ask or want to know the answer to this question, we must be willing to live our lives from the deepest truth within. Do you want to take living from your heart to the next level? Do you want to live from your truest self? After discussing this engaging topic and teachings, Ambujam will perform a 35 minute Group Power Healing then take your personal questions for one-on-one mini-reading!