Octavia Brooks: HSP Entrepreneur: How Your Sensitivity Helps the World

As Highly Sensitive People, we have special gifts and talents to offer the world and most typical jobs aren’t a great fit for our nervous systems. We decide to become self-employed and share our wisdom and insight to help others on our own terms. When we get into business however, it can feel overwhelming to balance personal and business needs to create well-rounded success. In this show, hear how you can use comforting guided visualizations, not only for inner calm and peace, but to strengthen your business skills. These spiritual tools and energy practices are essential for your well-being, and to your success in bringing your gifts to the world.

Jonathan Glass: Total Life Cleanse: Rejuvenation and Healing for Body Mind and Soul

Total Life Cleanse (TLC) supports a quantum shift in body, mind and soul. With practical instruction, knowledge and timeless wisdom, TLC nurtures an elevated foundation for wellbeing for the rest of your life…one that nourishes all of you…your entire being. The practical and profound wisdom of the East, from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine is truly relevant today and will likely turn out to contribute to our greatest personal, collective and environmental healing!

Join us for this opportunity to upgrade your approach to healing, personal growth, spiritual development and environmental recovery!

Ambujam Rose: Yes…But What Is True? Group Power Healing + Mini Readings

Let’s take things to the next level! We all have our reactions and ego preferences about people, situations and and our life right?! But what is true? What is our truest action and choice for any situation or relationship. Do I leave this relationship, this job, this situation, this home or do I stay? We are faced with choices daily, but what If we ask the question “What is true?” This question can lead us to living our lives FROM our awakening, FROM our wholeness and from what is the highest and best for all concerned. In order to even ask or want to know the answer to this question, we must be willing to live our lives from the deepest truth within. Do you want to take living from your heart to the next level? Do you want to live from your truest self? After discussing this engaging topic and teachings, Ambujam will perform a 35 minute Group Power Healing then take your personal questions for one-on-one mini-reading!

Denise Marie: Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening

Energy Transmission & Group Activation
Sample of the energies we’ll be activating:
Love is full on its what I am, when I allow that I am free.
When you focus on giving love, receiving will automatically happen. When you are trying to get love, it keeps your body in lack consciousness.
Activating the throat to express the love in the heart. Many lightworkers feel deep love, but they are not expressing it in the world.

Jimmy Mack: Creating Change Made Simple with My Liquid Fish®

After his near death experience (NDE) Jimmy Mack was shown and asked by Spirit to bring this divinely guided healing technique out into the world. This simple technique, called My Liquid Fish®, allows each of us to create fast and profound energetic changes in people, places, things, pets, and situations. After he was first gifted this technique, he kept it to himself and quietly tested it while working with hundreds of clients over the phone throughout an entire year before speaking about it.

He was unsure of the magnitude of power which he’d been given until the increased results became undeniable and often miraculous. He believed then that there was a true purpose for having been given this gift and that the sheer simplicity of it was what made it so unique and usable for all.

David Strickel: Law of Attraction 2.0 with The Stream of David

Now that more people than ever before on planet earth understand that we create our own reality, the Stream has come forth with an evolutionary message and daily spiritual practice that will take your life to the next level. Once you understand and accept that you create your own reality, all of it, both wanted and unwanted, you can then set about manifesting with greater intention. The big puzzle piece that many seem to leave out of these teaching is that while all creation occurs via attraction, all attraction is governed by polarity.