Eric Pearl: Healing in the Quantum Realm: Reconnective Healing

What if healing were more than you thought? What if healing were far more than you thought? More evolutionary than previously recognized as being possible? What if it is the key to your transformation from local to non-local conscious beings? What if it is the key to your life progress? Well, now there is a new, more expansive healing that gives us all the gifts of known energy healing techniques, both old and new, and much, much more… All without any complicated techniques, elaborate rituals, or fear-based protections. It’s called Reconnective Healing.

Meg Benedicte

Meg Benedicte: Sacred Keys to Personal Ascension

Meg Benedicte is a Quantum Healer, Alchemist, Ascension Activator and creator of Quantum AccessTM – a powerful healing technique that quickly shifts consciousness, unlocks karma and removes energetic patterns to accelerate your personal Ascension. Since the extraordinary Solar Eclipse in August, quantum consciousness has been streaming into the physical cellular structure, transforming us from the inside out. The incoming plasma light is activating hidden Soul Codes dormant in the energetic body…igniting a new level of sub-atomic activity not seen before. Multi-dimensional DNA is coming alive!

Valeria Tignini: Entering the Truth Era

The Truth is a powerful vibration that can elevate any lower states of consciousness and we are about to see this laced throughout our lives, especially if you are a Quantum Conversations follower. We will start to see the reveals of precious secrets that have been controlling our matrix through fear. Let the war of love and fear begin, but fear doesn’t know that it has nothing on love.

Lynne Brodie: Unlock Your Sou’ls Ancient Wealth Code

Is spiritual amnesia blocking you from tapping into your Souls Ancient Wealth Code?

Lynne Brodie, Master Healer, Golden Light Creator and Intuitive shares the trinity within your Soul Contract that unlocks your Souls Ancient Wealth Code.
You made and agreed to your soul contract prior to materializing into physical form on Earth. You came through the veil for forgetting when born so you could learn your lessons, discover your gifts, fulfill your purpose and soul contract.

Kate O’Leary: From Sensitive to Superpowered

Being a highly sensitive soul can, at times, feel like an incredible burden. The sensitive soul can experience the world as busy, loud, and overwhelming. This can lead to anxiety and depression. Yet, the sensitive soul has an incredible gift to offer this world once sensitivities are embraced and the empathic and psychic skills are honed. Being sensitive does not mean that there is anything wrong with you. Being sensitive means that your sensory system is actually more dynamic and advanced than the average person. In this interview you will learn what it means to be sensitive, psychic, and empathic. You will gain confidence in yourself and clarity about your life’s purpose.