Tracy Kenline

Tracey Kenline: Quantum Jump from the Matrix into 5D!

We take a Quantum Conversation into 5D Living with New Earth Coach Tracy Kenline who is a system buster and a wayshower of how to exit the Matrix, drop all old programming, matrix codes and lineages that are keeping you from your soveriegnty and higher consciuosness. Tracy explains what it’s like to move thru the 3rd dimension, 4th dimension and into the 5th dimension. Listen in and learn more about how you can Live New Earth by using the inner GPS of the Heart and the 3rd eye. Tracy is on a mission to assist in the great starseed, lightworker, earth angel awakening.

Don Adams: Healing Frequencies – Science of Vibrational Healing

Donald Adams is a scientific researcher investigating the shapes of thought and emotion, converting these to frequencies delivered as either acoustic or ( SILENT ) varying magnetic fields for health and wellness. Donald presents his unique tools, methods and findings to a global audience, with over 6,500 youtube subscribers and a number of online forums serving an international audience.

Elizabeth McCullough

Elizabeth Wood: Your 3rd Eye Evolution is Now!

The changes in the global collective have been tectonic. Perhaps all those old techniques you have used just aren’t working to clear your trauma and give you clarity? It’s not surprising that old methods of working on yourself aren’t as potent in this present realm. Are you ready to jump into the energetic slip streams available? Don’t miss your chance to move quickly upwards into pure light living, literally and spiritually!

Stewart & Janet Swerdlow: Set Your Self Free

Finally! Get the answers to your lifelong questions on how to “Set Your Self Free” by breaking out of your personal programming. Find out how to easily balance your brain as well as use alternative healing techniques and cutting edge deprogramming tools to advance your life in the way that is most correct and beneficial for you! Janet & Stewart have been working together for over 2 decades, combining their life-long knowledge and wisdom to help you help your Self! YOU are your own best teacher; true healing comes from within. No one can do it for you. Here are the tools you have been waiting for your entire life!

Aurora Luna Star: Attract Amazing Love: Experiencing Love & Ascension

So many relationships are going through the turbulence of change through these intense energy shifts that we are experiencing. As the planet goes through increased photonic light, the Schuman resonance continues to rise and the Hz at which Gaia vibrates rapidly increases, we also deeply feel and experience the symptoms of ascension. Through the holographic field of our co-creation we are being called to step into new levels of compassion, love and sovereignty, owning our manifestations and bringing in the highest levels of our authentic-self.