Nora Herold: The Summer of Change: A Pleiadian Perspective

In these times of accelerated change, integration, re-ascension, and becoming your multidimensional self it is essential that you find within the vibratory rate of joy and use that as the foundation for your creations while at the same time allowing the process of transmutation of trauma to continue. Nora Herold and The Pleiadian Collective will assist you with this along with sharing up to the moment information on the status of the shift and how to best operate during this time. Let the unconditional love of the Pleiadians along with your guides and helpers facilitate your journey in becoming sovereign.

Prajeet Harris & Julieanne Conard: The Stargate Experience – Growing Young and Vital Through High-Vibrational Stargate Energy Transmissions

You Are Invited To Discover What The Stargate Experience Is All About… This is an opportunity to feel the presence of your guides… To be immersed in a high-vibrational energy field… A field that is so tangible, so transformative, that you cannot avoid being touched by it. The beauty of the Stargate work is: there is nothing to do, it is simply relaxing into the gentle energy fields. And so we are going to invite you to have a taste, to participate in one of our meditations in this short introduction that we will be sharing with you. And so we invite you to join us. Experience vibrational healing. It is the new way, it is effortless. Come, join us.

Sarah McClean

Sarah McLean: Mindfulness & The Power of Attention

Master Meditation Teacher Sarah McLean joins our show to discuss Mindfulness and how to absorb and experience your life from a soul-centered perspective: purely aware, connected, peaceful, accepting, loving, authentic, receptive, and nourishing version of you. Sarah shares her personal journey, plus the 3 ingredients necessary for a meditation practice, and 4 essentials you can use to tap into your inner-knowingness.

Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter: Cosmic Stargates, The Timeline Split, August Eclipse and the Formless Realms

Ascension Wayshower Sandra Walter joins us to discuss the first June Gateway (June 3-9), DNA, and our interaction with the formless realms. She will also share more on the Timeline split and the August eclipse. During these Ascension Gateways, we are able to access Cosmic Stargates which can have a positve effect on crystalline-resonant DNA. This is active territory as Solaris becomes more stimulated by the intergalactic pathways, which effects Gaia’s core, and our own heart centers. We take it Gateway by Gateway, understanding the physical manifestation is a reflection of what is already occurring with the higher timeline.

Patrick Prohaska

Patrick Prohaska: Embody Ascension Consciousness

Experience a session of Thrive Energetics to remove blocks and belief systems that are keeping you from Embodying Ascension Consciousness. This session offers an infusion of Self-Love. Self-love and a sense of self-worth are the foundation of all happiness and fulfilment. Patrick offers subconscious reprogramming and a powerful activation process to wash away any and all blocks you may have to accepting and receiving love.

Micheila Sheldan: Dropping the Anchors | Activating Your Inner Creator

We have just experienced a major shift in our earth grid lines, opening up portals to allow us to integrate multi-dimensional timeline information. At the same time, we are purging karma and density and an incredibly fast pace. Our human ascension is evident in the recent spikes of the Schumann Resonance, showing us the movement forward we have been anticipating for a long time.