Cynthia Starborn: Supporting the Star-Children

The majority of today’s children have origins and connections to other star systems and dimensions beyond planet Earth. These star-children are here to support our evolution, as much as we are here to support theirs. With modeling and soulful tools, we can help our children maintain their connection to universal power no matter what earthly challenges they walk through.

Anrita Melchizedek: I AM Avatar Light Body Activation

In this wonderful transmission with Anrita, we experience a series of invocations to activate our multidimensional Light Bodies, our I Am Avatar Light Bodies.

What we term the I AM Avatar Light Body is the collective and individual experience of the New Earth templates, sacred geometries, numerologies and fractal geometries that activate around our physical body, energy field and hologram dimensionally; expressed through the radiance of our Body of Light, our I Am Avatar Blueprint, our connection to Soul and Star Family, and the integration of our Beloved I Am Presence through our lower bodies, as we walk the path of Divine Love knowing we are all One.

Steven Nobel: Accelerate Your Spiritual Journey

Our world is going through a major transition, many have called this process ascension. As our world is shifting so too many individuals are being called to step up and hold access a higher level of consciousness and presence. This group are the starseeds who are here on a mission to wake up and anchor high frequency grids through their own energy fields. Starseeds are not natives of this planet meaning they feel a greater affinity with a number of other star systems and dimensions. Starseeds tend to be: very sensitive, drawn to spirituality rather than religion, have a strong intuition, see the world differently from most other people, and they feel in this time frame a sense of urgency, that they are here to do something but they are not sure what that is. Starseeds are here to heal and transform the world in some way. That healing and transformation always begins with their own lives and reality.

Tracy Kenline

Tracey Kenline: Quantum Jump from the Matrix into 5D!

We take a Quantum Conversation into 5D Living with New Earth Coach Tracy Kenline who is a system buster and a wayshower of how to exit the Matrix, drop all old programming, matrix codes and lineages that are keeping you from your soveriegnty and higher consciuosness. Tracy explains what it’s like to move thru the 3rd dimension, 4th dimension and into the 5th dimension. Listen in and learn more about how you can Live New Earth by using the inner GPS of the Heart and the 3rd eye. Tracy is on a mission to assist in the great starseed, lightworker, earth angel awakening.

Don Adams: Healing Frequencies – Science of Vibrational Healing

Donald Adams is a scientific researcher investigating the shapes of thought and emotion, converting these to frequencies delivered as either acoustic or ( SILENT ) varying magnetic fields for health and wellness. Donald presents his unique tools, methods and findings to a global audience, with over 6,500 youtube subscribers and a number of online forums serving an international audience.

Elizabeth McCullough

Elizabeth Wood: Your 3rd Eye Evolution is Now!

The changes in the global collective have been tectonic. Perhaps all those old techniques you have used just aren’t working to clear your trauma and give you clarity? It’s not surprising that old methods of working on yourself aren’t as potent in this present realm. Are you ready to jump into the energetic slip streams available? Don’t miss your chance to move quickly upwards into pure light living, literally and spiritually!