Matthew John: How to Finally Heal Your Family and Relationship Karma

The reasons why your soul chose your specific family aren’t always clear, however if we take a deeper look at the dynamics of family karma, we can make the connections and figure out why your soul planned out things as it did. Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer Matthew John will clearly explain how the soul plans its incarnations and how family dynamics are planned.

Niki Greenfield: Goddess Goodies with Niki’s Gem Creations

Niki has been collecting gems stones, crystals, rocks, shells, glass and metal for decades. After her JOB came to an end, she was able to dedicate her time and energy to creativity entirely. This means that the gems and stones could be shared and but into wearable art. This wearable art serves several purposes and, due to this, Niki really has enjoyed tremendous praise and feedback since launching her new business just this last June, Niki’s Gem Creations.

Aileta Grace: Embodiment : What’s Healing Got to Do With It?

In this quantum conversation we will have a talk about the healers among us; self-healing, and the essentials of how we can achieve optimal levels of wellbeing. How do we invoke from deep within to obtain greater awareness about the power we have to self-heal as well as, to influence and assist others in their quest for whole health? What role do divine guides and otherworldly physicians play in our decisions to obtain and maintain optimal health?

Christine Esdaile: Transcending Your Matrix

Quantum ConversationsBroadcasting High Vibrational Frequencies to Empower, Inspire and Elevate Lives.Enjoy this Episode with Featured Guest Transcending Your Matrix with Christine Esdaile About This ShowTranscending Your Matrix is an exploration of how the thinning of the veils is impacting light workers in the 3-4D transition into 5D Mastery. While many today are reaching higher states…

Xi Earthstar: Galactic Shamanism & Timeline Bridging

On tonight’s show, Xi shares her personal stories as a inter-planetary grid-worker and gatekeeper, working predominantly in the collective psychical realms. Through sharing her fun adventures interacting with higher-dimensional beings, the astral military, and psychical mass mind control technologies, she hopes to inspire others in Activating our Super Powers, and engaging in Timeline Bridging.

Richard Gordon: The Quantum Touch

When Richard Gordon was evolving the acclaimed Quantum-Touch healing technique that today is practiced by 1,400 certified practitioners around the globe in 50 countries, doctors were saying it was impossible to permanently align the occipital bone at the base of the skull and “pelvic torsion”—twisted hips where one is higher than the other. Let alone do it without manipulating the patient! Yet, it became readily apparent that Gordon’s Quantum-Touch methodology could do just that.