Sophia Zoe: Let Your Noodle Doodle – Tap Into Your Subconscious With Art

Calling all non-artists…join us and enjoy the opportunity to express yourself freely. Sophia Zoe creates a safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore the messages from your subconscious. Doodling allows you to bypass the constraints of conscious thought and delve into the realms of your imagination. Through this form of art, you can access the deepest corners of your being and express your true self without limitations.

Githa Ben-David: Vocal Sound Healing Therapy with focus on The Note from Heaven and Hung Song

The sound your voice expresses is a mirror of your breath. The Note from Heaven opens your breath and is a bridge to oneness. Hung Song is manifesting the energy you can download from Oneness down to Earth. You can heal yourself and others with the humming sound of the undertones of Hung Song. Anybody can learn to do this kind of singing.
Githa will demonstrate how to do this in the talk.

Catherine Rosenbaum: Activating Your Cosmic Blueprints!

How to stay on course through the challenges that are being revealed from the shadows. The greater plan, The Cosmic Reveal is happening! Let’s talk about our personal work in these times. Our mission statement. Our quantum leap from mind to heart. Each one of us has a Divine design/blueprint waiting to be activated, accelerated and awakened right now.

Cathleena Hailley: Restoring Your Human Templet to Its Truth Frequency: Series 2 – Relationships

Master the human experience as you integrate your Ascended Mastery — Advanced Program!
The Path of Mastery program guides you through Riana Arendse’s acclaimed Transformational processes for creating deep and lasting change in your life. This program triggers a profound transformation in your entire neurological makeup – causing you to think, feel, and perceive on a whole new level.