Paul Hubbert: The Power of Holographic Sound, Healing the Body and Transforming Limiting Beliefs

Holographic Sound Healing is the Energetic Wave of the Future.. as well as the Present. Holographic Sound is a method of opening sound through Sacred Geometry into its full potential, into its Multidimensional form. In doing so, we are able to create the most powerful energy frequencies for healing and transforming consciousness.

Robert Waggoner: Learning to Lucid Dream and Live Lucidly

Lucid dreaming refers to becoming consciously aware of dreaming, while in the dream state, and has been scientifically validated since 1980. Historically, lucid dreaming has been one of the primary spiritual techniques in Buddhist Dream Yoga. Once lucid, you can use this special state to access creativity, engage your larger awareness, promote healing and grow to your fullest self!