Adria Wind Horse Estribou: How Not to Repeat Your Former Life

In some cases, some of you are aware how past life impressions have dictated your response to certain situations without you being consciously aware of their influence on you. What you might not be aware is that we are in such a new time energetically that the past impressions of this lifetime up until this current year, what we will now call your former life, are also unnecessarily dictating your responses in this new era, until you consciously decide to change them.

Adria Wind Horse Estribou: Why Did Lemuria Fall?

Have you ever wished in your own life that you had the knowledge of what was to come before it happened? Lemurian knowledge is arising in human consciousness now to avoid history repeating itself. To listen to the guidance and wisdom of those who lost an entire civilization bears witness to saving ours. The loss of knowledge, the loss of light, is such a subtle thing. Please let us not be unguarded in a time of great ascension and light. Then we can ascend without a fall.

Adria Wind Horse Estribou: Conversations with Archangels Channeled through Adria Wind Horse Estribou

The specific love and guidance the angels have for us is soul-affirming and life altering. What if we could see in our own lives what the angels see for us? What if we could ask for insight about the deepest mysteries and our most heartfelt wishes? What if we could feel profoundly at peace with how things are right in this moment? These are the gifts the angels bring.