Bryan Rawls: The Divine Diva’s & Saharrah and The Awakening of The Book of Kna’Sera

These whirlwinds of energies have been ever so frustrating making the energies a bit challenging, I’ve found myself tuning in for Akash, Saharra, and Kna’Sera guidance on the regular asking for interpretation of this new spectrum of reality we are with. The energies of the upcoming records open up a awakening for humanity that will encourage everyone to be there truest form of there highest potential. The upcoming book opens on Dec 21, 2018 The book of Kna’Sera.

Bryan Rawls

Bryan Rawls: Navigating The New Matrix

Awakening during this New Matrix of energies that alot of us are not comprehending, are the navigation techniques that we learned within the New Age era. Here comes uncharted territory and brand new info from the Council of Ligth that is presiding over “The Book of Saharra” This light of the council will come and gift us with techniques and timely information for us to come towards a new empowerment of self to allow for an understanding of what’s happening within the New Matrix 2018 (called “The Book of Saharra”) which will bring a new understanding of the matrix we live in today.

Bryan Rawls

Bryan Rawls: Recalibration & Transfiguration of Our Spiritual Bodies

Join Romanian-Heritage Gypsy Bryan Rawls in a Live Quantum Conversation to Recalibrate and Transfigure the Spiritual Body. Recalibration is to “calibrate our spiritual bodies differently” and Transfiguration is what happens to our bodies transfigure into after the upcoming Stargate on 6/21 June Solstice allowing for a harmonization of our energies and physical body.