Grace Galzagorry: Embodied Ascension: Awakening Crystalline Stargates into Infinite Love

All beings on Earth are being called to return to the restorative waters of the Ancient Mother Womb for the alchemical transformation and birth into our essence as Universal Love. During these tumultuous times, the Great Mother Womb enfolds, soothes, nurtures and restores our core of innocence, preparing us to birth into the sacred, pristine crystalline consciousness, held within our own DNA.

Grace Galzagorry: EMBODYING WHOLENESS: Balancing Masculine-Feminine Pathways within the Body to Heal and Restore Union

Balance is one of the foundational governing principles of this Universe. Unfortunately, we all suffer from a profound imbalance of the inner Masculine and Feminine energies, which creates tyranny of the mind, contraction of the heart and denial of the body’s wisdom, thus blocking our innate healing capacity.