Judy Cali: The Golden Seed of Creation

The Golden Seed of Creation & Integrating Ascended Master Self.  Judy Cali joins us to share exciting new intel on the energetics of releasing our deepest core wounds.  She reports this shift and change within herself, and offers that we are on the cusp of this great shift ourselves.  What do we do to prepare? How do we recognize it’s happening? Join us on this show with Judy and get ready to step into your next phase of existence as One Heart, One Mind.

Ancient She Stone Healer with Judy Cali

2.5 Hour Digital Download Judy Cali is an amazing channel who brings forth inspiriting messages for stepping fully into the Golden Age. This 2.5 hour event focused on THE ANCIENT SHE STONE & PETROGLYPHS OF MOAB. Many Ancient Beings joined us, including Tribal Chiefs, a Giant Crystal, , a Chinese Emperor, Warriors, Max the Crystal, dinosaurs and a Baobab Tree.

Judy also answered common group questions about physical bodily changes and how to create peace and tajp into the inner wisdom of the body. As always, Judy’s messages always lifts the vibration and assists in the release of old limiting beliefs. She connects us with our own Council of Elders and reminds us to Slow Down to Ascend. Enjoy this recorded event and baske in heart-warming messages of hope, courage and celebration.