Amunta Sunna: Inner Child Healing and Integration Through Reiki Healing and Shamanic Power Animal Retrieval

Amunta has discovered a unique way to combine Reiki Healing with Shamanic journeying Power Animal Retrieval in order to identify inner child and past life traumas. Shamanic Journeying can be learned and used by anyone as a helpful practice to dive deeper into finding answers, direction, guidance, healing, inner wisdom, and teachings in one’s personal journey.

Riana Arendse: Accelerate Your Journey to Inner Union Pt 2

Too many students of personal growth and the spiritual ascension journey spend their entire lives never truly crossing the gap between where they are and where they want to be. And so we start believing that only certain people have a mystical power to shape the world according to their thoughts. To create opportunities seemingly out of thin air. And to even bend the fabric of reality in their favor. But as you’re about to discover, anyone is capable of ascending to this elusive level of self-mastery. And it all begins by evolving the level of consciousness you operate from.

Veronica Vargas: How to Re-connect with your inner genius, remove creative blocks and rise in the 21st century

Imagination and Creativity are the two most important skills of the 21st Century. As you know, everything has changed; how we work, how we live and how we get ahead. This moment in time is being referred to by many as the New Renaissance because everything has to be reinvented–literally.

Barbara Canals: Your Body Your Temple – Anchoring Spirit Into Your Body

Your Body Is Your Temple on Earth and now more than ever before it is of major importance to understand the relevance of Embodiment and how to ground your Spirit (Higher Self) into the Body.
You are an Unlimited Divine Being and you are here on Earth now to ground into your body all the spiritual energy that you are. (with your Spirit energy come your gifts, your talents, your innate knowing)