Dr. Eivor G Johansson: Sexual Energy Leading to Higher Consciousness

For eons of time, sexual energy has been deemed dirty, filled with criticism and judgment, and now the present time Ascension has given us a chance to review our sexual energy on a deeper level through our hearts.

There is a new sexual revolution going on that will release immense internal power when the ancient built up frequency has been converged from being stuck in the lower chakras, to a higher octave of love, freedom and joy.

New Earth Business Training: Creating Your Online Platform with Lauren Galey

Friday, March 30

This is an Online Workshop for professional Lightworkers and New Earth Business leaders to discover the various platforms available for use in creating online classes, group calls and events. We’ll cover how you can establish yourself online, the vital tools and software products you need for a successful, efficient online business, and the best webinar/teleconference/livestreaming platforms to utilize in your business.

Arcturian Healing Method – Introduction with Gene Ang

This Online Healing Retreat will reveal the Arcturian Healing Method via Gene Ang which is a group session of Arcturian Healing Frequencies of Light. This contains the Arcturian Blueprint Activation of the Adam Kadmon image so the Divine Self can physicalize in all dimensions, plus the Arcturian Regeneration of Cells and DNA, And the Arcturian Dimensional Bridge.