Daniel the Healer: You are Divine

As human beings we are made to believe that we are the garbage of the Universe that we are here on this Earth because it is the penal colony of existence. That is simply not true. We are made of the same building blocks as the Divine, and we are here to learn, have experiences and resolve challenges that we pre-determined before we came in physical existence. Just because we have no memory of who we truly are that does not make us bad, defective or evil. During the show, Daniel will explain where we come from and how we set it all up in advance of being born.

Brain Besco: Tensor Rings as Transformational Energy Tools

We will touch on the scientific basis of the Tensor Rings, but the focus will be on the higher dimensional aspects of the Tensor Rings. We will learn about the Tensor Fields, and the importance of what goes into the Fields for all the physical and energetic transformations to occur.
The true power and potency of the Tensor Tools comes through from the higher dimensional aspects of the tools, which are created through heart-based consciousness.

Elizabeth McCullough

Elizabeth Wood: Quantum DNA Archaeology – Integrating 12 Dimensions

The fields of consciousness are changing! We are being called to look at the limiting beliefs and fields we have maintained in our minds and in our DNA.
We can shift them to embrace LIMITLESSNESS.
How do we shift those fields and what is our goal?
How do we really dig deep through the darkness we’ve held in our DNA?
Ancient original humans came into embodiment PURE and UNCONDITIONAL. Deep within our DNA is the ANCIENT MEMORY of how to integrate the 12 dimensions into our daily present reality

Bryan Rawls

Bryan Rawls: Navigating The New Matrix

Awakening during this New Matrix of energies that alot of us are not comprehending, are the navigation techniques that we learned within the New Age era. Here comes uncharted territory and brand new info from the Council of Ligth that is presiding over “The Book of Saharra” This light of the council will come and gift us with techniques and timely information for us to come towards a new empowerment of self to allow for an understanding of what’s happening within the New Matrix 2018 (called “The Book of Saharra”) which will bring a new understanding of the matrix we live in today.

Eric Pearl: Healing in the Quantum Realm: Reconnective Healing

What if healing were more than you thought? What if healing were far more than you thought? More evolutionary than previously recognized as being possible? What if it is the key to your transformation from local to non-local conscious beings? What if it is the key to your life progress? Well, now there is a new, more expansive healing that gives us all the gifts of known energy healing techniques, both old and new, and much, much more… All without any complicated techniques, elaborate rituals, or fear-based protections. It’s called Reconnective Healing.