Alana Fairchild: Frequencies of the Sacred Feminine

The Priestess Isis, Fierce Mother Kali, the Marian Cult and the Mysteries of Magdalene, Radiant Goddess Tara, Sensual Bastet and Wild Sekhmet – these voices of the Sacred Feminine stir us from within, urging us to explore divine consciousness for the benefit of all beings. How do you know when you are in sacred feminine initiation? What are the signs of divine feminine awakening? Join oracle goddess Alana Fairchild as we honour the heart, intuition and wisdom of the sacred feminine frequencies.

The Diamond Pathway of the Cosmic Heart with Cynthia Charis

The Golden Age is upon us. The lower frequency timelines of the Earth have collapsed and we have created a new world, a new consciousness and a new beginning. It is time to stand tall and claim all that we have brought forward for the evolution of humanity and our planet. It is time to rejoice and manifest the dreams of our hearts for our new 5th dimensional realty.

Amanda Elo’Esh: 3 Secrets for Living a Purpose-Driven Life of Prosperity

Amanda Elo’Esh shares some of her personal journey with the Sacred Feminine and offer powerful insights, tips and tools you can use right away to live a purpose-driven life of prosperity. You’ll learn the 3 Secrets for Living a Purpose-Driven Life of Prosperity and how to implement them now so that you can start seeing results fast.