MIchelle Casto

Michelle Casto: Activate Your Light Body For ‘Ultimate Abundance’

Prepare to Shift at the core level. Dr. Michelle created Quantum Success Energetics from two decades of working with clients from all over the world. QSE is a “Transformational Technology” that energetically upgrades your POS (Personal Operating System) so you can create more with less time, effort and energy. During this call you will release hidden subconscious barriers and receive a light body clearing, so you can ‘Rock Your Destiny’ and enjoy “Ultimate Abundance.”

Maryanne Savion

Maryanne Savino: Crystalline Synthesis: Ascension Light Codes and the Alchemy of Sound

Crystalline Synthesis is a vibrational sound activation that raises and expands consciousness to assist you in a new way of being and living with more freedom. It has a powerful and transformative effect on our physiology in that it moves through the fluid systems of our bodies by way of breath awareness, intention and sound frequencies. It restores us to Wholeness and Harmony (Crystalline Synthesis=Wholeness & Harmony)

Matt Andrews: Stepping into Your Authentic Self with Confidence

Finding Happiness is high on everyone’s list of desires, but most people are following recipes for how they have been educated to attain happiness and it is not working for them. We feel that the only way you will experience the deepest level of happiness is when you allow yourself to be free of the indoctrinations and the “shoulds” and can step into, embrace, and act as, the Authentic Being that you are. Of course, that requires a level of confidence that arises as you no longer allow your fears and doubts to run your life. We are here to help you.

Zoe Davenport

Zoe Davenport: Crystalline Expansion

This is the time – this is the NOW – this is the potential that you have been looking for – yarning for deep within your being. The BE-ING in JOY, the ability to love, the ability to play, the ability to show up 100% authentically you. Trusting you are enough – yes YOU – your wonderful beautiful divine light is enough and so needed at this time of great awakening potential.