Cynthia Charis

Cynthia Charis: The Great Particle Convergence

Cynthia will share on the extraordinary possibilities of this Great Year of the Reset, 2017, and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities it allows us to co-create the New Heaven on Earth that is our true divine inheritance.

She will guide us in a meditation with Mahavatar Babaji and the Avatars of the Etheric Christos Diamond Sun, to bring forth the new Diamond Codes of Light that will help propel us into the joy and bliss of our 5th dimensional Selves.

Bryan Rawls

Bryan Rawls: Recalibration & Transfiguration of Our Spiritual Bodies

Join Romanian-Heritage Gypsy Bryan Rawls in a Live Quantum Conversation to Recalibrate and Transfigure the Spiritual Body. Recalibration is to “calibrate our spiritual bodies differently” and Transfiguration is what happens to our bodies transfigure into after the upcoming Stargate on 6/21 June Solstice allowing for a harmonization of our energies and physical body.