QCTV Zoe Davenport: Experiencing Life Through Multi-Dimensionality

It’s time to embody by “being” in the BODY, to activate the dormant strands of DNA and purge the last pieces of density no longer serving YOUR divine physical vessel. It’s time to shift gears, shift thoughts, shift beliefs and ultimately shift frequencies.As within so without and as the planet undergoes “High-frequency main intense”, Your frequency is your BIGGEST gift.

Zoe Davenport

Zoe Davenport: Accelerating Timelines through the Energetics of Love

It’s 2019 and we as a collective have all come to a place that’s shifting beyond the old paradigms, stepping into joy through being, living and breathing the truth of who we are.

Learn key codes on how to resonate through the field of love as we will be lead through an impactful and sacred activation to open the heart, ground and imagine a potential timeline most aligned for the soul’s evolution.

Zoe Davenport

Zoe Davenport: Crystalline Expansion

This is the time – this is the NOW – this is the potential that you have been looking for – yarning for deep within your being. The BE-ING in JOY, the ability to love, the ability to play, the ability to show up 100% authentically you. Trusting you are enough – yes YOU – your wonderful beautiful divine light is enough and so needed at this time of great awakening potential.