~ Online Healing Retreat ~
Particle Convergence DNA Configuration

with Christof Melchizedek & Akasha Sananda

Online Healing Retreat:
Particle Convergence DNA Configuration

4 Hour Video Presentation

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Includes additional support material in MP3 audio Downloads: The Guardian of Gaia meditation and the Guardian Code and manual

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This event is included in Christof's Special Offer: Guardians of Gaia

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Online Healing Retreat Description: Particle Convergence DNA Configuration

Join Christof Melchizedek and Akasha Sananda for a special online retreat to help prepare your bio-energy field, DNA template and consciousness for the upcoming August Particle Convergence, where they will be transmitting from the Great Pyramid of Egypt frequencies to help anchor, stabilize and transmit the cosmic frequencies of the Particle Convergence from our coherent group field while encoding the Golden Age energetic into the planetary crystalline grid and the higher mental body of all humanity.

The “Particle Convergence” essentially merges dimensions and timelines into one while sincerely heralding in a swift matrix shift for our planet.

The significance of this occurrence is that Earth is being pulled into the trajectory of zero point and the merged timeline of its highest dimensional potential, and what many of us refer to as “The Golden Age”. This cosmic convergence comes around every 25,920 years. What this means at the soul level, is an occurrence with monumental potential to propel and elevate our own timeline transition into the reality of our highest held preferences.

In our physical time space continuum, there is a three-day window in August, 2017, during a solar eclipse, when we are literally in the sweet spot for this confluence of energy and everything in our dimension gets super magnified, including our highest held intentions. One of the strongest places on Earth that this happens is through the main crystalline nodal points along the crystal cathedral network (grid and leyline system) including the huge Egyptian portals at the Great Pyramid and Sphinx. This convergence basically rewrites all of the old timelines in order for a new foundation to be brought forth. The Star Councils are in full preparation for this, while giving us the inspiration to quickly prepare the group field for receivership and global transmission.

To help prepare you for that Particle Convergence Transmission, this online retreat empowers a “clearing of the slate” of your conditioned human matrix and a holographic reality created from limiting patterns of belief. It initiates major purging of any toxic residue, implants, miasma and other levels of energetic distortion. This session also gives grand reset to your light body and expanded DNA template so that you can receive next month’s omni particle wave of energy to the greatest level possible.

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Online Healing Retreat:
Particle Convergence DNA Configuartion

Video Webcast on Demand - 4 hours

Online Webcast - Visual Presentation with 4 Modules/ Support Material

CLICK HERE to Register $144
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This event is included in Christof's Special Offer- Guardians of Gaia

Special Offer

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