1:1 Coaching & Sessions with Lauren Galey

Empowering the New Earth Leader.

Find your Voice. Speak Your Truth. Create Your Product, Service or Organization.  Anchor New Earth!

Higher Self Connection  with Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™
Personal Remote Sessions with Practitioner Lauren Galey


Experience a 2-hour Remote Session via Zoom Video and access your Soul Consciousness Realm!  Includes Ted Winslow’s Sound Healing Frequencies (5 Tracks) in digital download.

This is a session that connects you to the Wisdom of your Higher Self. 

The Soul Consciousness Realm is accessed through the specialized technique of a Wellpoint Hypnosis Method session using SoundSynchTech sound frequencies. This gives the client access to the Quantum Field Within using alpha, theta and delta brainwave states in a unique composition.

Through this process I assist you  in accessing information in your  Subconscious Mind, the Superconscious Mind,  the Unified Field, and even the Collective UnConscious.

This enables you to find a source of an issue, block or limitation,  which may facilitate a self-healing response.  This also allows you to go deeply into the Quantum Field Within In you bring forth skills and talents from past-lives and future lives, also bringing in new technologies and inventions for New Earth Living.learn more about this program

Purchase 1 Session: :$277 $177   


Purchase 3 Sessions:&444 $333 (3) Sessions

Find Your Authentic Voice – Voice Coaching

Learn to speak from your heart in a magnetizing voice. Enjoy a private session with Lauren who will help you find your true, heart-resonating voice of the Divine within You. These sessions are recorded for your continued use.  Find a new voice in 1 to 5 sessions!  Lauren is a former radio and television news anchor who found her voice working in an early morning radio news show during Desert Storm in 1991. She’ll guide you into finding your own authentic voice, and expressing yourself in a powerful way that gets your truth expressed and heard.

PLUS this includes a Mastery Empowerment Course – 2 hrs: Find Your Authentic Voice & The Tone of Your Heart with Lauren Galey in video and audio download.


$95 per session ( 45 minutes) with recording – BUY NOW

Find Your Voice. Speak Your Truth.

Media Production 101 – a Complete Course in Creating Digital Content

Learn how to use the power of the media to get your message out to the world. In this online course, you’ll learn how to create your own recording studio on your laptop or computer, how to make simple edits to take out mistakes or blemishes, how to mix with music and how to create your own product line of digital content known as information products.  Learn how to record your voice in your own audio books, videos, podcasts and more! You’ll also get hot tips on best ways to deliver this  Learn more here 

$97 Digital Download

includes monthly Media Labs for 12 months!

The Passion Matrix Course for New Earth – Discover, Live & Monetize Your Passion 

This is a 5th Dimensional Business Training Course to tap into your skills, talents and passion and create revenue streams that support you. You will create your own Passion Matrix and generate ideas to give you action steps on how you live your passion and generate energy exchange – revenue streams along the way! This is a tried and true model that Lauren Galey used in her own life to leave the television world of news reporting and move into her own career of a successful alternative media podcast. Learn how to tap into Your Unique Self and create New Earth Products and services. Learn more here 

Professional Coaching for New Earth Leaders

The Ultimate Coaching Package to Bring Your Passion Matrix to Life!

10 hours – 5 calls. (90 min – 2 hours each)  Empower Yourself. Empower your Business. This package has all the support you need to make great leaps forward on your Passion Matrix or New Earth Creation.   You’ll get 5 sessions with Lauren, scheduled whenever you like.   Talk about business, create ideas, receive advice on what technology to use, how to set up your website, automate your online business or how to sell products and services globally.  Ask Lauren anything! She is a successful entrepreneur with creative ideas that will help you in your own unique expression of Passion on New Earth!

Option:  Calls in this package can include a New Earth Spiritual Hypnosis session to connect with your Higher Self and explore your skills and talents from past lives, future lives, and off-planet lives. Let your Higher Self lead the way as it offers you guidance on your questions!

Ultimate Package: 10 hrs (5 Sessions): $1444  –  SPECIAL PRICE $1111 –  5 Sessions – Available now-Sign up    


Value Pack – 3 Sessions (1 hr ea) 

If you need clarity on your purpose-driven business, service or organization, then a series of personal 1:1 coaching sessions with Lauren will allow you to apply her wisdom and insight for your project/service/business.  You’ll proceed with the cultivation of ideas and strategies to get yourself into the world as a New Earth Leader.  Purchase 3-Pack: $399   

Individual One – on – One Coaching Session – 60 minutes.

Get clarity on your next steps of your business plan. Ask Lauren any question and rev up your business! $197  – Click here to purchase