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About Lauren Ellis Galey

Lauren Ellis Galey is on a mission to empower New Earth Leaders. She is the New Earth Mentor’s Mentor, assisting those who are ready to step into their planetary roles, their Divine Role, and get their product or service out to the world.  We live in a digital age, and Lauren has been successfully operating her online businesses for over 15 years. As a former radio and television journalist & anchor, Lauren was trained in mainstream media and now uses the many tools of media production in support of New Earth Media.   She is a Sound Healing Audio Producer, creator of Plant Music Remedy music of the plants, and hosts the popular global podcast Quantum Conversations & QCTV.  If you are a New Earth Leader, please feel free to contact Lauren or work with her in Passion Matrix sessions and hypnotherapy-relaxation sessions.

A personal message from Lauren - Click here to Expand

As a spiritual journalist and New Earth Business Intuitive, it is my goal and passion to assist the planet and humanity at this time of a great spiritual awakening. We are here to bring forth NEW EARTH and it is my goal and Earth Mission to assist New Earth Leaders in stepping into their Power! Now, more than ever, we are each being asked to step up and into our PURPOSE. I am passionate about raising the consciousness of the planet and ushering in NEW EARTH. We must add a spiritual aspect to all that we do, and be heart-centered in all of our creations, to bring forth positive timelines of Unity Consciousness and 5th Dimensional New Earth.

Before my own spiritual awakening and remembering, I was a news anchor and reporter in radio and television in Asia (and Guam). Following my own awakening that took me to the depths of personal despair, I re-discovered my true mission in this lifetime as a messenger for this great awakening of a Spiritual Giant. I have dedicated the last 15 years interviewing the world’s finest masters, spiritual teachers, healers and new paradigm thinkers so that we may awaken the masses, open hearts, expand consciousness and amplify the Light of the World. New Earth is a frequency of unity consciousness and unconditional love, and I hope you’ll join me in this mission to anchor it in! In your heart, you too, may recognize this is Your Mission as well!

I invite you to join in the interaction on live Quantum Conversations, a free, internationally syndicated show that was created with YOU in mind to assist with the elevation of consciousness, connecting to your Higher Self, exploring infinite possibilities, infinite mastery and infinite love. It’s all within you and that’s what we teach you to find! Click here to claim your free registration to Quantum Conversations

Also on this site, you’ll find Online Healing Retreats which are paid webinars/online webcasts with many of the featured speakers on Quantum Conversations. These are longer, in-depth programs that offers comprehensive spiritual wisdom and teachings that you can use to enhance your life and well-being. Master Classes are 3 episodes (6 hours) that expand even further on the teachings provided. Click here to view Online Healing Retreats and click here to view our Master Classes

One of the greatest catalysts of my awakening was through music and my connection to my birth father. Not only am I divinely guided by songs on the radio (I’ve got many stories about this – just amazing!), but also music makes my heart sing. During a phase of my awakening in early 2000s, my birth-dad, Phil Winsor, gave me an MP3 of his computer-generated music The Wayfarer. When I heard this song, I played it over and over… hearing the beautiful melody that is actually created by Universal Principles of Mathematics and numbers. (Musical notes were assigned to mathematical equations and the result is beautiful music that IS the sacred geometry of Music!)

Each time I listened, my heart opened and it felt like my consciousness was spiraling open. The most amazing and personal point of this story is that I did not meet my birth-dad until I was 18 (an epic and dramatically long story that we all chose before incarnation!). After some challenging times working as a young adult in Washington, DC, I was invited by my sister to spend a weekend with our birth-dad and that’s when a huge void in my life was filled. He invited me to live with him in Taiwan and he helped me make the connections to get my first radio news job, which later led me to work in television news on Guam, living a decade overseas (another hugely awakening period in my life).

While in Taiwan, I also met my husband, Tom, on his 30th birthday. We instantly connected when we learned we both grew up in the same home town of Boulder, and even went to the same High School (at different times though). I find it absolutely amazing that my dramatic journey led me halfway around the world to find a piece of my Heart.

And my dad’s The Wayfarer song in Music from the Universe was the great connector. I first heard the song in 1990 in Taipei, Taiwan, then again in 2006. It became the anchor of this website and led me to embrace my purpose, passion and mission in life. (click here – Music From the Universe.)

I hope you enjoy listening to the Quantum Conversations on this site… available free and always in our archives. My personal quest for answers offers you great information on your own journey, as the luminaries I interview have your evolution in mind too!

Please send me your comments or questions via email… and if you are a spiritual teacher/healer or know someone you’d like to see on our show, please contact us!

Blessings to you for a FABULOUS NOW YEAR! We create our reality 100%, according to Rick Paris so join us to learn how to steer consciousness, open your heart and to love yourself like no one else can!

I love you and I honor YOU for assisting in the amplification of Light on our beloved Gaia.

~ Lauren

Quantum Conversations – Speaker Application

If you’d like to join Lauren in a Quantum Conversation, please go here to apply.