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The Inner Pathway to Ascension

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Online Healing Retreat Description:
The Inner Pathway to Ascension is a 5th Dimensional course with the Arcturians who offer messages and meditations to assist you in expanding your consciousness into higher dimensions. Each session is available on it's own, or you can join in the full series.

A Note from Dr. Suzanne Lie, channel of the Arcturians

Gaia has already ascended, and moved thru Year 1 of her 5th Dimensional Being-ness. There are only a few of our grounded ones who can actually percieve this reality. However, more and more people everyday are allowing the higher light to move into their pineal gland and to move into their bodies to activate their multidimensional mind so it can connect circuitry to your 3rd dimensional mind. In this manner, slowly and gradually, you can begin to perceive the higher frequencies of realities while still within your mundane life.

Within this first year, many of you were having these perceptions, however, they were perceived more as lost moments, "what was that flash in the corner of my eye?" or "how come I forgot why I came into the room?" In other words, your multidimensional mind was already having wonderful experiences in the fifth dimension on New Earth. Your third dimensional brain was in the process of connecting with the components of yourself that could indeed experience that which is beyond the matrix of the third diemsnon, beyond the world of illusion and physicality.

Join us as we discover together the inner pathway to ascension.

I invite all of you to also invite your higher expressions of SELF, so that we can discover togehether our own Inner Pathway. this is not a path of solid ground, but a path of consciousness that we creaet alone and within the unity of Gaia and ALL of Her inhabitants. We have taken an earth vessel during the most important times of Earth's history.

As usual, great darkness proceeds great light because the impending light goes deep into the consciousness of all beings forcing the darkness to the surface so that it can be set free with our unconditional love. We know this for we have all been experiencing great challenges. Many of us have been facing these challenges alone.

However, the ascension of a planet can only be revealed by the immense power of unconditional love and unity consciousness. Furthermore, only unity consciousness can guide us to unconditionally love all that has cause us fear, anger and sorry. One-by-one and in ever-expanding groups, we the vanguards of our new world, must work as ONE to take us into the NOW of ascending Earth.

Because this is a fifth dimensional process, I do not know what will occur until it happens. I am pretty sure that the great diversity of Earth will create many inner pathways, all slightly or greatly different. However, all these paths will join into the ONE of fifth dimensional Earth.

We are much live the people who took their wagon trains across an unknown wilderness of Earth. At first, these wagons were full with all that they thought was important. However, that trail soon became riddled with that which was not important enough to lug across the wilderness of the unknown.

In the same manner, our old emotions and memories will need to be discarded. Fortunately, we now know of our power of transmutation, so we need not riddle our inner path with that which is over. Instead, we can transmut it into pure energy to keep moving forward.

Watch Video of a Guided Meditation with Dr. Sue: Surrender to Self

CLICK HERE to Register for the Series (5 Programs) - $88.88

Testimonials from Participants:
"That was simply wonderful! I never really understood that I am already in 5D and choosing to come back into 3D to be the unique, Living Portal of Light that I AM … choosing to return to 3D for Gaia, humanity, and the Universe. Once Suzanne & the Arcturians said that in different ways a few times today, I truly get it. I am here by choice! Learning to BE Unconditional Love in each moment. And since 5D is no-time, I can log in & out whenever I want. It’s huge! " ~ Kathleen

"I found the content in today’s presentation so valuable! Thank you! "~ Mary

"WOW , this is very good new series Thank you very much!" ~ Nina

CLICK HERE to Register for the Series (5 Programs) - $88.88

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