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Singing the Song of the Cells with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

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Online Healing Retreat - Singing the Song of the Cells with Dr. Todd
A Fascinating discussion on the Science of Sound with Sound Healing Meditation & Toning Lesson

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Online Healing Retreat Description:
Singing the Song of the Cells

This 2-hour Online Healing Retreat will assist you in communicating with your DNA and awakening your dormant DNA with Vibrational Toning. The principles will be discussed and then we’ll experience going into the DNA to amplify your system. Using patterns and tones opening up the senses and innate abilities and enhancing the vitality of the cells.

At the level of quantum understanding, everything in the universe is simply waves and vibrations. The production of particular tones and overtones may therefore directly tap into a deeper level of quantum reality. The deep, peaceful states produced with Tibetan chants or the mantras of Transcendental Mediation (TM) show the power to relax and recharge the body with sound. Meditation practices actually showed a state of agelessness lasting at least a decade in its users.

About Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
In 2001, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys began the process of remembering an ancient and sacred practice of toning that activated the pineal gland and created profoundly expansive experiences. He intuitively knew the power of the tones and their intrinsic benefit and impact on life extension, enhanced well being and increased health. Unaware of any higher purpose for the tones, he called it The Pineal Toning TechniqueTM and began to teach small groups how to use them for personal growth and healing. According to Kryon - an angelic entity channeled for 20 years by internationally renowned author Lee Carroll - Dr. Todd is the only Human on the planet with these 24 multi-dimensional tones.

The Origin and The Legacy
During a 2003 Mount Shasta channel, Kryon surprised Dr. Todd by identifying him as Yawee, a high priest in the days of ancient Lemuria and the choir master who developed the tones and led the ancient choir in their annual ceremonial ritual. After a decade of development and teaching, a bigger picture was revealed; Dr. Todd's Pineal Toning TechniqueTM is actually modeled after an ancient Lemurian system that used these vibratory resonances to produce a deeply peaceful and centered state of being. This allowed the activation of the pineal gland and the intrinsic ability of the body to heal and rejuvenate while opening the inner perceptual pathways to enhance intuition. The subtle vibrations of this method tapped into otherwise dormant abilities of the body/mind.

Online Webcast & MP3 Download
A Fascinating Lecture on the Science of Sound with Sound Healing Meditation
Click Here to Purchase: $22.22
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