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Online Healing Retreats are in-depth audio programs with authentic spiritual teachers and healers who share valuable information you can use for healing, manifesting, and connecting with your Higher Self.

Featuring the teachings of spiritual leaders and healers who’ve appeared on Healing Conversations, these programs offer you a gold mine of ancient wisdom and healing modalities collected from around the world and from on-high by the teachers who now share it with you.

These programs are available in digital downloads of MP3 & Videos which play directly on your computer. You can also burn them to CDs, or transfer them to your portable mobile media devices (phones, ipods, etc).

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Diamond Golden Heart Light Activations with Judy Cali

3.5 hours of activations, downloads and messages from the Spiritual Hierarchy. We are surrounded by Golden Beings of Light and our Golden Dolphin as we stand in our Diamond Golden Christed Sacred Heart Elder Self. An Empowering Experience of Light as we move into 5D Oneness.


The Golden God/Goddess & Golden Avatar with Judy Cali

On January 2, 2016, Jesus came forth to Judy Cali & stated he is The Prince of Peace & Mary Magdalene stated she is The Queen of The Goddesses. Judy will channel their Divine Healing Messages & they will facilitate the downloads, activations & initiations to Awaken our Golden God & Golden Goddess selves. The Golden Avatar Multidimensional Awakening will be facilitated by Buddha.


The Golden Awakening with Judy Cali

This Online Healing Retreat with Judy Cali will be overlighted by Ascended Master Jesus as we journey to Inner Earth for Conversations with Adama, the High Priestess of Telos, and the Inner Earth Librarian Mikos, among many more beings, angelics, elementals and golden dolphins that will come through via Judy in this 3 part series.


Goddess Atlantis & The Temple of Stars

2.5 Hour Audio Program
The Goddesses of Atlantis merged the Magic & Power of Gaia with what they Remembered from their HomeStar & Planet to assist Gaia to reach her StarHood.  They awaken your Atlantean Sacred  Heart & encourage you to help Heal Gaia & Yourself.  Atlantis had both Technology & Magic & her Sacred Heart still beats in you.


Arcturian Healing Method Master Class Series 8: The Zermatt 7 Transmissions with Gene Ang

3 Sessiions (2 hours each) in Audio Download
Arcturian Healing Frequencies Master Class #8: The Zermatt 7 Transmissions

Join Gene Ang in this 3-part series of frequency tranmissions with the Arcturian Healing Frequencies plus the new frequencies from the starship sightings in Zermatt, Switzerland in February 2018. These are new frequencies to be received and unpacked within us and also more frequencies from the Arcturians, Metatron and Melchizedek.


Aligning with the New Planetary Human

Video Webcast Recording
“Aligning with the New Planetary Human” : a webcast and diamond alignment to begin the process of embodying the higher frequencies of your Future Diamond Self. Allow your future Self to light your path and support you each step of the way as you experience the liberation and heart-centred freedom of your own transcendent Self.