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Item 1:
Item 1: Walk With Me Online Video Course
The "Walk With Me" Online Video Course is focused simplifying Consciousness, Expansion, Understanding Frequencies, Energies, Awakening & Ascension and to assist with easier navigation for one's journey here. It is over 60 "go at your own pace" videos and will prepare you for the SELF-MASTERY Courses that are offered via Lisa's website, if you should be drawn to this, to continue your Expanding MASTERY journey in this magnificent way.

This is for the one who seeks to understand and gain tools of expansion and navigation. This is for the one who's trying to make sense, understand about how "consciousness works", energy, frequencies and more! This course walks you through, step by step, with exercises you will use in every moment to continue your expansion!

Information on how to navigate with the fore-knowledge and tools to create ease, release resistance and recognize so that you can CHOOSE how you experience; Learn to CREATE your own reality and step into your own SOUL (spirit, higher self); Tools to use in your own process to allow for greater understanding, vibrational detection, explanations; Detect resistance so that you can switch to a place of ease and flow with the Universe.

This course is meant to be "absorbed" & go at your own pace!
Explanations, Exercises, How To's & Tools to tailor to your own journey!
Beneficial to all working to master one's own energy
This course is COMPLETELY GUIDED and from a Soul's Perspective
So walk with me... As one. From my soul to yours, I am honored to share this journey together.

1: Course Overview
2: Consciousness: Observing Self
3: Create Tools: Bypassing Logical Mind Blocks
4: Physical Self vs. Soul Self
5: Desperation Creates Inspiration
6: Expanding Perspectives (From Logical view to Soul View)
7: Alternate Forms of Meditation
8: What Makes You Happy? Get Creative
9: Own It Or It Owns You
10: Synchronicities: Ask for Guidance & Pay Attention to the Signs

11: So What? Who Says? Who Cares?
12: I Allow
13: Consciousness: Acting vs. Reacting
14: 10 Steps to Letting Go
15: Hand-On-Heart
16: Write Own Affirmations & Mantras
17: Exercise: Weighing Emotions (Also a bit on Empaths)
18: Exercise in Separating Energies: Respect & Boundaries
19: Understanding Judgment: Releasing Self & Others
20: Exercise: Draw a Heart

21: The Awakening & Ascending Soul
22: Victim Energy (Masculine vs. Feminine)
23: Forgiveness
24: Releasing Stories
25: What Is In Your Subconscious?
26: Removing & Replacing Words (Transformation)
27: Judgment: What Do You Hide? Seek in Another?
28: Abundance vs. Lack Energy ~ My Abundance Dollar
29: Intro: Merging of Dimensions/Timelines, Linear vs. Non-Linear, Soul view (Frequencies) & Physical Self View (Separation)
30: What do you fill your "time" with?
(Charts on Dimensions, Frequencies, Levels of Consciousness, Linear vs Non-Linear included)
31: Week 4 Overview: Coming to become creators of our own realities
32: The Soul as an energy body & physical changes
33: Merging Realities: Going Back to Sleep34: Ascension Symptoms, Energetic Shifts & the LightBody
35: Crystals (Introduction)
36: My Holistic Health
37: Energies Highs & Lows Showing Separation Within
38: Between Dimensions, Voids, Participation vs. Observation
39: BEing Exquisite!
40: Releasing Expectations & Integrity

41: Week 5 Overview
42: The Logical Mind Can't Visualize or Imagine
43: Cultivating Chi & Feeling Energy
44: Feeling the Flow of Energy of Fear, Lack, Love, Transmitting, etc.
45: Linear vs. Non-Linear (Physical/Energetic) Loss of Memory & Time
46: Physical Manifestations: Weight, Addictions & More
47: Stages of Growth To Dissolving Separation Within (They/Me/We)
48: Expanding Perceptions of Self (Exercises)
49: Expanding Consciousness Exercises: They are Me, I am Them, WE
50: Creating a Sacred Space

Week 6:
51: Week 6 Intro (World of Illogical & Opposites)
52: Separation Within & One Consciousness (Experience)
53: Desire or Expectation; If You Believe (Exercise)
54: Karma (Exercise)
55: Step Back, Step Away or Walk Away
56: Restrictions, Conditions & Limits
57: What is Consciousness & The LightBody?
58: The Reality of Fears
59: 20 Ways to Create Your Day
60: When Logic Stops Working

(Value: $333)

Special Offer
​Item 2: Awakening to Remembering: 23 Light Encoded MP3 Frequency Activation Downloads

These are Light Encoded Frequency Activations to assist you in REMEMBERING more, raising your own vibrational frequency and embodiment of higher light quotients. Sleep and clean water is recommended during/after for ease with integration. Each has a different purpose to assist you on expanding for your journey here. Aloha! ♥

A Complete Wiping of the Template
Activating the Belief Frequency, Ancient Portals & Magical Realm from Within
Clearing Ancient Energies
Clearing Old Beliefs and Limitations
Collective Reality of the Illusion and Clearing
Crystalline HUman Star BEing DNA Frequency Activation
Dark & Light, Individual & Collective Were Your Creation
Emerging From The Fog
Energetic Alchemic Creation
Erase and Replace Energetically Your Forgotten Reality Complete Reconstruction of the External NOW Visible Externally from Within
Evolution of a HUman Star BEing
Experience NEW Earth AS Your Master Self Again
Hearing and Feeling Vibrationally Your Invisible Reality Recording Length 00:05:07
Hot Air Balloon Ride to Freedom Inside
Human is the Lower Realms
LightBody/Merkaba Activation Visualization (Part 1)
LightBody/Merkaba Activation Visualization (Part 2)
LightBody/Merkaba Activation Visualization (Part 3)
Portals: One No Longer Has To Wait
Reminder: In Present Moment, I AM a MASTER
What is fear?
You Hold the Key to Your New Reality
Your Land of the Forgotten is NOW Visible
(Value $244)

Special Offer
Item 4: Awakening To Remembering Book in PDF

All products & services are Light Encoded for expediting one's activation, integration and unification. Additional sleep and clean water are recommended during and after receiving on your end. Live Courses offer Live Participation and are limited to a max capacity of 8 for each live event.

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New Earth

WE take consciousness, awakening & ascension and we answer the questions of that which does not logically make sense. Simplifying the confusion assists in moving from victim mode to participator in the process all came here for. Even the words have been separated, so we unify those too. This is a confusing journey, where all is backwards, in reverse and opposite of the human world.

The 5th Dimension is one of open hearts, recognizing signs, finding the metaphors and following bread crumbs from the higher realms. It is one of expanded perceptions and where the movies are made real. It's a cross between The Matrix, Star Trek, Dark City, Inception, Avatar, Contact, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Quantum Leap, Star Gate, Fringe, Touch and many fairy tales as well. We question our sanity as the veils thin and where things that cannot be possible start to happen. This is a journey of coming to exist beyond the matrix, understanding the illusion and anchoring the lucid dream in the physical here.

We tie together the puzzle pieces of that which makes absolutely no sense at all. Yet it does completely, when spoken and received through the heart.

All courses and workshops are Light Encoded Transmissions that will raise your vibrational frequency and activate your LightBody/Merkaba further. These will assist you with remembering more and releasing the veils put in place upon your incarnation here.

Understanding the journey allows one to embrace it and along with consciousness, eliminates suffering. These light activations shall continue to intensify for individual ascension here on on Earth.

New Earth or Old Earth??? Do you know the difference in order to choose?

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In these relaxed sessions, we focus on all that assists in expanding beyond limiting belief systems, moving beyond limited human perceptions and mindsets, LightBody/Merkaba activation & upgrades, transcendence, and embracing your purest self, your MASTER SELF, your GALACTIC self as a HUman Star-Light-BEing here.

Blocks are a perception as is all of our reality here. Recognizing that which is out-of-tune, discordant or not in-alignment and clearing this within is how we move easily as Multi-Dimensional BEings here. Come to recognize "lack mentality" so that you can reverse this and start to step into your abundant self here. Simplified understandings, tools for expansion and the ability to actually walk as this in the physical here. Total embodiment, no more separation, Ascension and embracing the power you have always held within.

Anchoring the lucid dream here, the higher/outer realms, opening portals, activating new frequencies and easier releasing of old programming. Every exchange is encoded in Light for receiving instantly. This activation of light calls for more water and additional sleep, so be prepared to allow for this, should this be your experience.

Activate and embrace your magnificent and magical 5th Dimensional NEW EARTH MASTER version with these sessions focused on empowering you, reminding you and assisting you on your own Awakening, Ascension and BEyond, journey to fully Remembering again. This is to assist you in your own expansion and there is nothing more important than this. HOME is a frequency inside, that you expand out from within. Out there is YOUR CREATION, so embrace your own Mastery and Alchemy to become a CREATOR again.

We will be utilizing Google Hangouts for these video recorded sessions. Instructions for connecting and receiving your session invitation are as follows and will need to be done prior to confirm that we are set up and good to go!

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