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QUANTUM LIGHT ACTIVATION PREPARATION: This "Quantum Light Preparation" MP3 Download included will walk you through the relaxation process to get ready to activate your consciousness for expansion, traveling, clearing, cleansing, purifying and remembering more from within!

Quantum Light Encoded Frequency Activations go straight to the core of your cellular memories and speak directly to all of your multi-dimensional aspects to activate your higher consciousness from within. These can take you into holographic visualizations for you to remember more, while activating your higher consciousness and multi-dimensional aspects from within you. You just sleep to absorb and further activate your NEW Crystalline Star Light BEing DNA to unlock these dormant codes that hold memories inside. The more you listen, sleep to integrate, practice to anchor, the more these absorb and continually activate your own light codes further each time! Please note that the activation of your own Light, will trigger any old programs held inside that were hidden and not visible before. Your awareness of how this process works is important, or both occur simultaneously, which is how the Awakening, Ascension/Descension/Merging and Purification processes work. Honor you at all times!

The more you listen, the more these absorb and continually activate your own light codes further!





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NEW Earth Existence Program Series

50+ Hours of Recorded Teachings and Group Discussions MP3 Audio Listening and Downloadable Format

In-Depth Light Encoded Self-Pace Audio Course (2015 - 2016) Downloadable MP3 Audio Format

This is a non-linear, comprehensive, continual Crystalline LightBody DNA / Higher Consciousness activation course, where participants often brought forth the questions and comments that expanded much of the focused content through higher consciousness discussions about the magic, exquisiteness and challenges of Our NEW Earth Existence here. Through continually anchoring and immense amount of higher dimensional light within us and our physical reality too, how we function dramatically shifts and changes, to present all new realities that used to only be accessible through altered consciousness & sleep states. We discuss at length, the infinite processes and phases of

Embodiment, DNA.=/Highest Consciousness Evolution, light anchoring and physical matter taking new form, our immense physical Plasma Crystalline LightBody upgrades, integrating and functioning in a multitude of realities while navigating and using Mastery Tools as Multi-Dimensionals here.

Join Lisa Transcendence Brown and co-host for this series, Melissa Adams (fellow Angel), for this recorded replay of consciousness shifting, 13-Week In-Depth 50+ Hour Interactive Program Series, to further activate and additionally expand your own Multi-Dimensional Experience here too!

Throughout the series, we focused on recognizing, dissolving and intentionally obliterating old programs, expanding beyond limited perceptions, embracing multi-dimensional existence and coming to live beyond the veils of amnesia that the lower dimensional frequency bandwidths of consciousness inhibited our own access for REMEMBERING fully here. As our vibration raises, we release separation inside (unify), exit the old Matrix Programs, start to remember who we truly are, while waking up to an existence we forgot existed while we lived beneath the veils of amnesia during the "Great Slumber of Unconsciousness). Sleeping immensely to lift/dissolve these thick veils, our physical body is transforming continually (on a cellular level), from carbon-based human to Plasma Crystalline Star-Light Beings, which requires that the outside reality also continually realign for us all, according our own Soul's pre-chosen journey/experience to fulfill very important Soul Purposes/HUman Roles & Galactic Missions here. In this program, we talk about the sacred bizarre, that which does not conform to old beliefs and perceptions and through the activation of Universal KEY-codes, provide ancient knowledge and tools to assist with easier navigation, understanding, integration and unification for fulfilling your purposes and mission as a Light BEing In-Service here. This program is designed to walk you through a multitude of processes. Navigating is so much easier once we've been exposed to the knowledge that confirms that which we all already know inside, yet not yet within our human mind. As our hearts open fully, then our higher mind consciousness is activated to also come online, signaling our bodies and physical realities to also start to re-calibrate, re-code and re-align.

InJOY via Downloadable MP3 format or listen online from the designated program page once you've completed registration to begin!

Your access to this course is through registration with Lisa’s online Mastery School. You will be provided with your access discount code and the registration link once you complete your purchase

through Quantum Conversations. This will also sign sign you up to receive an additional supportive gift of Lisa's Crystalline Consciousness Newsletter, to provide a stream of information to continue with higher consciousness activations, Mastering a multitude of dimensional realities & timelines, while maneuvering the physical with greater ease too! You can unsubscribe from these gifted newsletters at any time you desire down at the bottom of any newsletter email that you may receive.

Listen and move through this course at your own pace!

Module 1: Weeks 1-4

Additionally, these 16 Crystalline LightBody Quantum DNA Activations are provided as a FREE BONUS with this Course/Program Series:

Some Course Testimonials

"For the past year, I have been listening to Lisa on various teleseminars. This led me to enroll in her “New Earth Existence Program” along with reading her two books. Lisa often speaks about how we do not understand something until we have a direct experience. While reading her book Navigating Dimensions, I realized that she was describing very accurately everything that I had experienced during this past year, from waking up with songs in my head to the physical symptoms of ascension. Lisa has a grand heart and an unlimited desire to assist us all through this incredible process with grace and ease. She supports us with the same intensity that she applied to herself during her own ascension process. She is detailed, impeccable, honest, sincere and unwavering in her approach to sharing truthful information. It was through her meditation modules that I was first introduced to the Galactic High Council. Some awesome contract re-writing was done with these beings who, I know with a certainty, will see to the success of our mission here on Earth. What I admire most about her is her insistence that we turn inward to obtain our own answers so that we may become our own

sovereign being directly united with Source. I am truly grateful for the energy and support Lisa provides to us all. We are blessed beyond measure through her divinity." ~ ♥ Susan (Michigan)


"Thank you for creating a sacred place for us to learn and share about this beautiful awakening process. Each week I learned more about myself and gained new understandings about the transitions I am going through. I learned to go within and listen to my heart and the galaxy I am, all that I am. I am grateful for all you share from your open hearts. I have been learning to trust myself more each day and to embrace the alchemical changes occurring with me. From listening to your many descriptions of your experiences, I have learned to explain some of these transitions and changes in a loving and open way to help others, as well, during their awakening process. I am grateful to you both for your service and for BEing love in all ways! Blessings, Love, and Light" ~ ♥ Sarah (California)


"I am still feeling the amazing effects from The New Earth Existence Program Series. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am grateful to have taken this course with you both!" ~ ♥ Beth M. (New Jersey)


"This New Earth Program was one of the most powerful Remembering tools I have experienced to clarify and expedite my Ascension process. Lisa is truly tapped into the cutting edge information of the movements of this Ascension process of Remembrance we are all undergoing with Mother Earth. Some of us are doing that consciously and Lisa Transcendence Brown is a magnificent guide for this exquisite journey!!! Her firm love will push you in Light-Speed through Portals and vortexes if you are open and receptive. Her generous sharing all coming from her own experience simply make our journey easier and more joyful... It is truly amazing.

From a lifetime struggling with sleep issues, through Lisa's guidance I came to understand why for most of my life I needed so much sleep and how my resistance to my own patterns just created more chaos and stagnation in my life.

I appreciate you and your work! Thank you! Love Love Love". ~ ♥ Prem Sarit Rose (Hawaii)


"This was perfection, Lisa. Thank you. In January of 2015, I had the profound experience of literally falling in love with myself. This was not the usual the "I feel love for myself" feeling but a literal IN LOVE with myself experience that brought me to my knees in tears and reverence. Since that time, the love has not left. It has lost some of it's "newness" and is now a way of being for me. And even on the days or moments of clearing, that love is there. It has changed my life...and I truly believe this happened because of working so closely with you. For that, there simply are no words. Thank you for all you have done for me and for the hearts of this earth. Sincere gratitude, my friend". ~ ♥ Harmony

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