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Master Series

Webinar Series to Advance Your Knowledge of Self Mastery & Energy Healing

The Master Series of Online Healing Retreats

Please join us in our new Master Series of Online Healing Retreats – these are multi-part webinars to advance your knowledge of self-mastery with the Master Teachers!

This Master Class Series of Online Healing Retreats designed to advance your knowledge of Self-Mastery and Energy Healing. These Courses are 2 – 3 parts of course study with Master Teachers and come with downloadable recordings for your continued review and integration. Scroll down for our next live events plus our archives of Master Classes.

Akashic Records for Emotional Freedom with Holly Marwood

Akashic Records for Emotional Freedom
2 sessions: Friday & Saturday, July 6 & 7, 2018

Join Holly Hawkins Marwood on an Akashic Records Journey as she introduces you to the Akashic Records, shows you an easy-to-use method to consistently access them, and then enjoy multiple guided experiences in your own Akashic Records. Once you are introduced to this incomparable Soul-level resource you will be taken on a journey to begin unpacking all that is in your way, all that you have felt stuck with, all that is holding you back in your emotional field.

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Dr. Suzanne Lie: Merging & Integrating Multidimensional Aspects

Merging & Integrating Multidimensional Aspects
July 13 & 14
11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET / 6pm GMT
Join Dr. Suzanne Lie and The Arcturians for channeled messages and guided meditations to identify, realize, merge and intergrate your Multidimensional Aspects. As Multidimensional beings, we have the ability to access more light and information as we step into our roles for incarnating on the Planet.

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Jon Berman: OHR Master Class – Universal Law of Efficiency

Four weekly sessions – 90 minutes each
Fridays in May (4, 11, 18, 25)
11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET / 6pm GMT
This seminar will teach you the Universal Law of Efficiency principles and how to create optimal health. We will learn about the Three Pillars of Health: Physics, Consciousness, and Genetics, and how to create optimal health, love, and abundance.

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Arcturian Healing Method Master Class Series 8: The Zermatt 7 Transmissions with Gene Ang

3 Sessions: May 26 & 27
Arcturian Healing Frequencies Master Class #8: The Zermatt 7 Transmissions

Join Gene Ang in this 3-part series of frequency tranmissions with the Arcturian Healing Frequencies plus the new frequencies from the starship sightings in Zermatt, Switzerland in February 2018. These are new frequencies to be received and unpacked within us and also more frequencies from the Arcturians, Metatron and Melchizedek.

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Dr. Edwige Bingue: Ascension Transformation

Audio Download Home Study Course
Experience 3 Energetic Sessions (over 2 hours each) with Dr. Edwige who covers the Ascension Transformation and the 3 phases: Transmutation, Transformation, Transfiguration with understanding the Rays of God that apply to each as well as prayers, principles and tools of mastery. Enjoy this program via webcast or home-study version in downloadable audio.

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The Golden Awakening with Judy Cali

This Online Healing Retreat with Judy Cali will be overlighted by Ascended Master Jesus as we journey to Inner Earth for Conversations with Adama, the High Priestess of Telos, and the Inner Earth Librarian Mikos, among many more beings, angelics, elementals and golden dolphins that will come through via Judy in this 3 part series.

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Diamond Template Activations

5 Sessions in Video
Online Healing Retreat
Diamond Template Activations
A 5-Part Series: 1 Online Webcast to activate the first Diamond Template, then 4 videos to activate the additional templates on your own.
The Diamond Template Activations program is an invitation to step up, to engage with your multidimensional Self and literally ‘plug into’ the Divine Matrix. It is a journey and a sequence of activations that pulls together the strands of all that you are and have been, and provides the infrastructure to anchor and realize the amazing power of your own best and Highest Self.

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