Mastery Empowerment - Courses for New Earth

Webinar Series to Advance Your Knowledge of Self Mastery

Mastery Empowerment Courses

Please join us in our new Mastery Empowerment Courses – these are webinars with a focus on Mastery and Empowerment.

Mastery (def.) – comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment. ascendancy

Empowermen (def)t:  the state of being empowered to do something : the power, right, or authority to do something.   the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.

 Like John Lennon, he brought the idea that through music, empowerment and words, you can really come up with world peace.

 In business: Empowerment is a management practice of sharing information, rewards, and power with employees so that they can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve service and performance.

Empowerment is based on the idea that giving employees skills, resources, authority, opportunity, motivation, as well holding them responsible and accountable for outcomes of their actions, will contribute to their competence and satisfaction.

Let’s apply this to New Earth now! Join us for the Mastery Empowerment Webinars  – Courses for New Earth.

Upcoming LIVE Events

Mastery Empowerment Course: Advanced Energy Healing Webinar

BEGINNING MONDAY, MAY 6, 2019, 7:00–8:00

At the beginning of each weekly session, Cristo will provide a 10-minute analysis of the auric field of the group. After the group analysis, Cristo will perform eleven unique activations that support the advanced development and harmonization of the auric field of attendees.

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Authentic Voice Channeling with Sheryl Ann Noday

Live Video Webinars:
4 Consecutive Saturdays: May 11, 18, 25 & June 1
 9:20am PT / 10:30am MT / 11:30am CT/ 12:30pm ET  / 5:30pm GMT

Four Classes: $244 (reg. $295)

This is a Calling, rather than a Career. A stirring deep within your Soul that you are being asked to answer.A Calling is a journey into the Mystery.You are invited to join International Channel/Healer Sheryl Noday & Beings of Light, “Siria Family” “Come explore with Us. Grow with Us. Come LOVE with Us….. Siria Family”

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Mastery Empowerment Course: MASTERY EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM NEW EARTH FOCUS GROUP – In-VISIONing, Inspiring and Initiative! Live Group Teaching Discussion & Energy-Shifting Session

DATE: Saturday & Sunday June 8 & 9
10am Hawaii / 1pm Pacific / 2pm Mountain / 3pm Central / 4pm Eastern

Join us for this Mastery Empowerment MasterClass to touch on a wide range of topics that are all part of the EQUATION, and to discuss the “hows” for opening up more, listening more, allowing more, choosing more, embracing more and shifting more….

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Recorded Events Available for Download & Home-Study

The Equation for Enlightenment with Elizabeth Wood

3 Online classes

Join us for this Mastery Empowerment Class to touch on a wide range of topics that are all part of the EQUATION, and to discuss the “hows” for opening up more, listening more, allowing more, choosing more, embracing more and shifting more….

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Mastering Your Intuition with Matthew John

Audio Download
Would you like to strengthen and refine your intuition? Interested in channeling, tarot cards, pendulums, muscle testing, and dowsing? Unable to hear your guides? Want to make more intuitive decisions? Seeing lots of numbers and repeating patterns? Want to know what it all means?

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Mastery Empowerment Course with Gene Ang

3 Sessions in Audio Download
with energy sessions in individual audio downloads

The goal of Presence Healing is to empower people to live their lives according to their highest selves. Gene Ang, Ph.D. offers healing sessions in the Arcturian Healing Method, a healing style created by Gene accessing divine cosmic energies for healing and life path acceleration. This type of healing brings you to a fuller realization of the wholeness that is already within. As a result, physical, emotional, and mental healing can occur.

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A Glimpse of Heaven with Stewart Pearce

with downloadable audio & video versions

This legendary Master of Voice, Voice Alchemist and Angelic Emissary mentored Diana, Princess of Wales during the last two years of her life.
Listen to his unique Angelic Prophecies about these changing times from Diana and the Angels of Atlantis!

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