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New Earth Messages from the Masters

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Aileta Grace

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Aileta Grace is a Channel of the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms.  In this live online class, she will channel a few Masters, including Metatron, to offer guidance on New Earth Creations, Solutions and Expressions of Love.  New Earth is being born in this Now Moment from the Love you Hold in your Heart.  Radiate and Vibrate this love and you are truly doing your New Earth Service.
A Message from Aileta Grace
Greetings beloved star family!
I was taken out of commission for the beginning of 2020 and until now I have been in quiet contemplation and like all of you, I  was being prepared for this gateway to growth in both sovereignty and unity.
I am grateful to have this opportunity to spend time with you and Lauren. We learn and evolve each day with gratitude.
A few weeks ago you may have heard the message from Arch Angel Metatron. It  is fitting that Metatron  be with me for this wonderful occasion because it was Metatron who in 2009 placed their being-ness upon both of my shoulders and said “you are an open channel do not be fearful of your gift.”  It was one of the  many  “wake up ” calls I have received from beyond the so called “veil” in this expression on earth. In  this now moment I am  being told to share with you that those who will join us will be touched very personally by Metatron and by the light he now shares to usher in a New Ray  for a New Earth.
The Merging of the present  light frequencies, along with  the ability we  have to play and experience the many aspects of ourselves and know that we can sore, cannot be denied. I have been asked to reveal and activate deeper levels of “channeling” abilities in each of you. “Channeling”  — as in communicating with, merging towards and playfully utilizing all that is. Universal  timelines unfold  within our beings. We are going to practice leveling up to that sacred space to receive Metatron’s gifts to each of us.
I am humbled to tell you that I will be taking a few moments to  channel an aspect of Aileta Grace that serves intergalactic missions aboard star ships  whose name is  Alanavetros Venusia Kumara. The Title of Kumara was bestowed upon her by Sanat Kumara and the Intergalactic Council when she swore an oath to protect GAIA in these recent  centuries of development and quantum evolution to LOVE.  Unifying with these energies has been a great joy, and  a confirmation of diminished  3D timelines. The  opening of the sacred heart to ourselves is is here for each of us so we may experience our ascension as we  planned it.

Personal Sessions & Rainbow  Body Intensive with Aileta Grace and the Masters.

A one hour session with Aileta Grace can be very surprising! At the very least three beings from the divine realms show up for you who are devoted to you growth. Aileta Grace channels from the divine realms of angels, galactic beings, extraterrestrial family members , nature spirits and ascended masters. From time to time , when the energies are aligned, a very particular spirit guide who is personally working with you presents much love and the gift of fine tuning your connection and communication abilities with them.

The Rainbow Body Intensive is a session for anyone who wishes to experience the highest available frequencies of their higher self EMBODIED, and as Ascended Master Dwal Khul describes “flipped inside out.”

He is the primary healer that brings through the energies for you with a guided exercise that assists you in the divine integration of unique and individuated frequencies of color and light.