Mastery Empowerment Course

with Aileta Grace

Ascension 2021 Protocols, Rainbow Body Activation & Quantum Tools for the new NOW

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Aileta Grace

Ascension 2021 Protocols, Group Rainbow Body Activation &  Quantum Tools for the new NOW

We know that we have and will continue to level up our frequencies. It is simply what we were born to do. What are the specific techniques we can practice to create the highest possible outcomes and to become the highest possible version of ourselves? In this time we spend together, several Masters will be guiding us through a collective and personal transmission and light activation so that we can experience specific aspects of our own individual rainbow lightbody and the corresponding quantum field of infinite potential it presents.

The quantum physics of these frequencies will be discussed and practical tools to utilize the frequencies of your highest heart that you are reacquainting yourself with will be shared. We will make time for questions for the angels, masters, and guides who are standing by to support.

Aileta Grace, accompanied by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, will talk about the metaphysical and ancient concepts of the revered wisdom practice of calling forth, and embodying the rainbow body for quantum shifting, creating new timelines, and ascending the human form to its divine origins while being in the physical dimension of this NOW. Through a guided meditation and a discussion of how to celebrate and utilize this enhanced light, we will explore deeper aspects of lightbody, the ascension codes embedded for us to access, and manifesting newer planes of reality that we are calling forth for ourselves, humanity, and beloved Gaia.