Mastery Empowerment Course

with Cristo Bowers

Advanced Manifestation Master Class: 501

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The Advanced Manifestation Master Class

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If you have ever wondered why The Secret as well as Abraham Hick’s 3 Steps To Manifest Whatever You Want only occasionally work, this class is for you. This class takes you into the world of spontaneous and intentional creation to explain the Real Laws of Manifestation–how they work and why they fail.

In this Advanced Manifestation Master class, Cristo will provide a graduate level understanding of the Laws of Manifestation so that you can become a manifestation expert. Cristo will provide you with a clear explanation of 1) the mechanics behind the spontaneous manifestation of our desires, 2) the reasons that we continually manifest the things that we don’t want, and 3) why we are unable to manifest what we do want. Integral to understanding the Laws of Manifestation is Cristo’s concept of simultaneous creation.

The Advanced Manifestation Master Class will focus heavily on the manifestational powers of the Unconscious and Conscious minds, and will explain how these two creative powerhouses can be harnessed and brought into seamless alignment to spontaneously and effortlessly manifest your intentions.

During the workshop, Cristo will prescribe exercises that can be utilized to uncover misalignments in the conscious-unconscious creative process so that participants can–on their own–generate the self-knowledge necessary to overcome internal conflicts to finally manifest their dreams