Mastery Empowerment Course

with Gene Ang

Arcturian Dream and Sleep Yogas Series 1 & 2

6  Sessions in Audio Download 

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Gene Ang

Mastery Empowerment Course: Arcturian Dream and Sleep Yogas Series 1

3 Sessions in audio download

In this three session   Mastery Empowerment Course, we will be learning how to work with various states of consciousness available during our dreaming and sleep state.  We will be utilizing both ancient and modern consciousness technologies to learn to stay aware and awake while dreaming and sleeping.  These states of consciousness are helpful to work with now because they are the same states of consciousness that we will experience while dying and during the afterlife.  In addition, we will be downloading and structuring our subtle bodies and consciousness with information on these practices with the help of the Arcturian Spiritual Beings.

The following are some of the topics that will be covered in the course:

  • The importance of working with your dream and sleep states.
  • How the dream and sleep states correspond with the states of death, dying, and the afterlife.
  • Specific practices from the Tibetan Buddhist schools of dream and sleep yoga.
  • Which technology tools of consciousness are used to induce lucid dreams.
  • Which technology tools of consciousness are used to induce lucid sleep states.
  • How to incorporate these dream and sleep practices into your daily life and meditations.
  • Certain breathing practices that can be done to improve lucidity.
  • The energetic architecture of the subtle bodies involved with lucid dreaming and sleeping
  • Three Arcturian Activations each 40 minutes long that will work on your subtle bodies and consciousness to improve lucidity in dreams and sleep.  There will also be a meditation sequence embedded during the activations to work with the energy centers involved with dream and sleep yogas.
  • On-line discussion with other participants about your dream practice

We have structured the on-line course so that after each on-line event we will have three nights to practice the material before meeting again.  This will allow participants to try out the techniques and bring their ensuing experiences to the next event so that we can discuss what occurred and learn from each others night time experiences.  This will add a vital living component to the material.

Participants will receive the mp3 recordings of each on-line event so that they can continue to practice and work with the material after the course.  If you cannot make the live event, you will still be energetically included in the three Arcturian Transmissions.

Mastery Empowerment Course: Arcturian Dream and Sleep Yogas Part 2

Join us for the live upcoming webinar transmissions with Gene Ang as we go deeper into the dream and sleep realms exploring the continuity of consciousness. This course is held in 3 sessions over a weekend, every 3 nights, so that you can experience a few nights of sleep/dream space working with the tools learned in the course.

This course is Part 2 of Arcturian Dream and Sleep Yoga, and it can be enjoyed without having first participated in Part 1. For best results, we recommend both Parts 1 & 2 so you can work with the information in any order, at your own pace. The information and transmissions in each session, and both parts 1 & 2 are all stand-alone experiences outside of linear time and space.

Each session is a lesson on Dream & Sleep Yoga practices, followed by a 40 minute Arcturian Transmission to facilitate supporting frequencies.

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Below is the description for our upcoming Mastery Empowerment course.
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Arcturian Dream and Sleep Yoga Level 2
In this second level to the Arcturian Dream and Sleep Yoga series, we will be exploring deeper the states of consciousness available during our sleep cycles as well as learning shamanic based dream techniques and out-of-body tools to induce exploration of these states during awake periods.  In each session, we will have a discussion of the previous nights dream explorations from the participants to outline key features and techniques in lucid dreaming and sleep practices.  There will also be a 20-30 minute Arcturian Dream and Sleep Yoga Transmission to help cultivate these states of consciousness throughout all our subtle bodies and consciousness with the help of the Arcturian Energies and Consciousness.  The transmissions from the previous online Mastery Empowerment course on Arcturian Dream and Sleep Yoga is suggested but not required.  A more detailed explanation of each session follows below.
Session #1-Learning the Techniques of Dream and Sleep Yoga
We will be reviewing and expanding on how to use the energy centers of our body before sleep to induce dream recall, lucid dreaming, and the awake state during deep dreamless sleep.  We will also go over how these practices prepare us for the same states of consciousness that occur during the dying period, the clear light of death, and the state between lifetimes.  There will be an advanced Arcturian Dream and Sleep Yoga transmission during this session.  Participants can begin practicing the techniques they learned in the first Arcuturian Dream and Sleep Yoga class as a way to bring material for discussion to this first session.
Session #2-Arcturian Shamanic Power Dreaming
In this session, we will continue to allot a portion of time to discuss the previous nights’ dreaming from participants to draw out important themes in these practices.  There will also be a 20-30 minute Arcturian Dream and Sleep Yoga Level 2 transmission to anchor the Shamanic Power Dreaming Practices deep into our subtle bodies.  We will then explore shamanic journeying and particular shamanic journeying practices you can use to further explore dream content.  We will discuss the role of the Shamanic Power Dream as a way for our helping spirits and guides to communicate to us during the dream state.
Session #3-Taking It Out of Body
Here we continue with our outline as above in terms of the session schedule and in addition add techniques to induce out-of-body experiences during the waking state.  This will add a whole new repertoire of techniques to explore these states of consciousness and dimensions but from the awake state of consciousness.  There will be ample time for discussion of dreams from the previous nights and an Arcturian Out-of-Body transmission that will last 20-30 minutes that will help incorporate and induce these abilities over time.
An additional benefit of this tele-seminar series is that it occurs over 4 nights and 5 days.  Participants will be held in a positive and enhancing group energy field during this entire time so as to accelerate the development and incorporation of these practices.  If utilizing the mp3 recordings of these sessions in the future, participants can set up a similar energy field to do these practices over a designated time frame to recapitulate this retreat type setting.
The goal of these sessions is to provide direct experience and capacities to change and transform subtle states of consciousness and to induce awareness of other dimensions beyond the physical plane.
There is a suggestion but not a requirement to do the Arcturian Dream and Sleep Yoga Level 1 (see below) in preparation for this event or at some time after this event.

BONUS: Mastery Empowerment Course: The Arcturian Pegasus Healings

In this set of frequencies, we will be working with the form of the Arcturians known as the Arcturian Pegasus.  The form of the Pegasus is the divine winged stallion and this is one way that people with this resonance can also interact with the Arcturians.  The Arcturian Pegasus Frequencies are also just being presented in the next level of training (Level 8) in the Arcturian Healing Method this Winter Solstice 2019.

The Arcturian Pegasus Healing Frequencies will be utilized over three sessions in our Mastery Empowerment course meant to strengthen our subtle body structure, heal any blockages or ailments, and to protect us from unwanted influences hindering our spiritual growth and progress.  The summary of each session is below.

1) Arcturian Pegasus Power Session-In this session we will be utilizing the advanced Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies plus the new Arcturian Pegasus Healing Frequencies to systematically work on our three power centers: the Head, the Heart, and the Hara (belly).  These are also known in Chinese Medicine as the Upper, Middle, and Lower Dan Tiens respectively.  When these three centers are cultivated and developed, they lead to higher forms of functioning in thinking, feeling, and willing.  The developed head center leads to higher levels of clairvoyance and sensing.  The developed heart center leads to higher levels of love, compassion, and emotional range.  The developed hara center leads to higher levels of action and activity.

2) Arcturian Pegasus Subtle Body Building-In this session, we will utilize advanced Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies in combination with the Arcturian Pegasus Healing Frequencies to systematically raise the vibration of our 7 subtle bodies: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine.  Various Arcturian Pegasus Healing Frequencies can pinpoint and eliminate blockages in each of these 7 subtle bodies and dimensions.  When blockages are released from all our 7 subtle bodies this allows for a free flow of manifesting energy and conscious to go from our divine level straight through to the physical level with no impediments.

3) Arcturian Pegasus Protection Pattern-This session will focus on eliminating any harmful spiritual or energetic influences including energies, entities, and thought forms in whatever level or guise that may be influencing us.  These thought forms can be unintentional or intentional.  Also, this protection pattern can remove and prevent reattachment from group mind influences also known as egregores.  Some group mind influences are beneficial such as a healing church or spiritual community of like minded souls.  Other group mind influences may not be what a person wants which can also be in the guise of spiritual groups, media, and social forces.  Finally, the Arcturian Pegasus Healing Frequenies will develop love and compassion in our hearts to understand our influencers and attackers and understand their position.

You can participate through the mp3 recordings which link you through resonance to the healing informational field created.  Also, you can use the mp3s to get more out of each energetic session.  Each listening will be a unique and new energetic connection to the healing informational field created.  Also, as the morphic field of the Arcturian Pegasus Healing Frequencies grows, the mp3 recorded sessions will evolve and be even more useful and effective with time.