Mastery Empowerment Course

with Jennifer Hough

The New Operating System for Humanity

Sunday, March 15

11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET / 6pm GMT

 2 hours – Livestream Video Webinar on zoom

with downloadable recording if you can’t join live



Jennifer Hough

The New Operating System for Humanity

2 Hour Video & Audio Class


JOIN US TO CHANGE THE WORLD AND YOUR WORLD – Join Jennifer Hough for a live video workshop about thriving, and the real-life skills that take us out of merely surviving this life. We will talk about a human operating system that transcends and frees us from the need for crisis and craziness in our own lives, but also in the world.

Enjoy this 2-hour online class with Jennifer Hough: The New Operating System for Humanity: How to Be a Relentless Champion of your Vibration

Understand that the nature of our existence is always in flow. Even in these times. Our job is to awaken to the re-directs, be aware of what life is showing us, find a way to connect to our greater wisdom, and deliver only from a place of our deepest understanding.
  • There are 5 essential skills to assist us to live this abundantly.
  • There are 2 practices that give us the gift to commune with life that allow us to transcend suffering.
  • How do you connect with your own Innate Wisdom, and never give your power away to those who would want it?
  • How do you be powerful within your own right, with confidence and clarity?
  • There is a connection with our cells that is missing in this world, and we will talk about that connection so that human beings can find their way home to harmony and abundance in all ways.
A Note from Jennifer: I AM AT PEACE with all of this, and, in fact, am catalyzed to lead and empower myself forward from the current status of affairs on earth. It’s exciting to create, but I am only feeling this way given the confidence and clarity I have from learning the principles I will pass on to you.
It is my privilege.
This will help every area of your life, as it is about installing a new thriving way of operating.


Do you feel a sense of urgency that there is more for you in this life? That’s because there is.

Join seer and alchemist Jennifer Hough and discover how your junk DNA, brain, and telomeres hold the key to dormant “super powers.” Learn to transcend the need to live in effort, doubt, or feel a victim of your circumstances. Gain confidence about your ability to ‘see’, clarity of direction, and develop expertise to become a living magnet to your heart’s calling.

With Hough’s gentle guidance, you discover how to download the new “thriving operating system” for humanity. You learn to upgrade your senses, free stuck feelings, permanently shift your ability to recieve, and “go direct” with your innate wisdom. You also practice advanced metaphysical skills, including using tools to transmute stuckness that is in your way, reset in minutes, and bend time.

Return home confident in your ability to thrive in the unknown and feeling supported in your newly discovered powers.

This workshop is normally $197, but for the Acoustichealth community, you can purchase at 83% Discount! Only $33 (Reserve Your Seat Now – click here) 

Jennifer Hough was a corporate economist for a large multinational until she got physically sick from toxic exposure and watched her life fall into effort and struggle. She then traveled the world and worked with mystics, scientists and spiritual leaders who corroborated those laws of physics. Her relentless journey to heal fully took her into the world of biology and physics, and in the process, she became passionate about the groundbreaking systems she developed leading her clients to make quantum leaps and results in abundance, fluidity, love and health.   Her joy is to experientially demonstrate how the application of everyday physics and our ability to flourish are deeply connected to living a fulfilled and abundant life. Jennifer spends her life showing people who feel that ‘it’s time’ to flourish, that there is an accessible operating system upgrade available individually and in any corporation/system, whereby all can flourish beyond their imagination. Jennifer has 20 years of experience educating Doctors (MDs, ND’s and DC’s), Teachers, CEO’s and Associations in the physics of flow regarding health, business culture, abundance and fulfillment.

Jennifer has worked in Fortune 500 Companies (Royal Bank, Proctor and Gamble, KFC), Schools  of Medicine (MD, ND and Chiropractic), National Associations (Nursing, Speakers, Incontinence, HR) and has been on numerous TV and radio shows.  She is a 3-time author and 5-time co-author including a recent international bestseller. She is a Founding member of the Evolutionary Business Council and member of the Wisdom Council for the EBC, President of The Wide Awakening, and creator of the programs “Get Out of Your Own Way”, “The Practitioner Mentorship Program”, “Flight School Leadership Training” and “The Awakening Coach Training”.

This Course Also Includes

 Plant Music Meditation:
Money BS (Belief System) Busting & Abundance Activation with the Cyclamen

Audio Download: 6 Hours of Abundance-encoded Plant Music

Plus 3 Hour Musical Meditation with narrated introduction


Plant Music of the Flowering Cyclamen:  Money BS (Belief System) Buster & Abundance Activation with Plant Music Remedy.

This is a silent meditation (with narrated introduction) in a musical journey with the song of plants for abundance and prosperity. Our group focus amplifies this vibration, while the song of the flowering Cyclamen, representing Deep Love, assists us raising our frequency, while breaking free and busting thru subconscious limitations and belief systems (BS) of Lack Consciousness.

So what better plant to assist us with an Abundance Activation, then the Deep Love frequency of a blooming Cyclamen, a pink flower of Divine Love.  The Cyclamen is a Tuber which allows it to withstand difficult conditions, and this powerful Love Frequency in this music is available to you via the music of this plant.

The Cyclamen represents Deep Love.  When received as a gift, It expresses love and sincere tenderness. The Cyclamen is one society’s symbols of Love –Leonardi Di Vinci sketched it in the margins of his manuscripts, Flemish painters placed them on the meadow where Jesus picked flowers under the gaze of angels.

This Cyclamen Plant has been with me for 15 years….she blooms for a few months at a time, several times a year. She has been blooming for a few months now. She is color of the Pink Divine Flame,  within the Heart of everyone.  When she sings her song, she sings to your Heart.

During the Plant Music Meditation, you are free to do as you wish, there are no rules. Your Higher Self knows what to do. (you can move, play, run, work, or lie perfectly still).  As the plant sings to you, energy of the old programs is being released as you raise in vibration.  Some find the need for movement out in nature, so take this on a walk with you. Others find it the perfect Sound Spa for a private at-home relaxation session, or simply a high vibrational musical journey that plays in the background during the day.

Still, others get lost in time and space in the elevated frequencies while doing what they love.

As you listen to the Plant Music, no matter how you enjoy the session, your frequency will shift and that’s why this is perfect for releasing belief systems that no longer serve you.  The Plant Music speaks to the Whole You… so notice what comes up for you during various “phases” of the music. The varying rhythms, pauses and instrument selections have their own information and frequency for you.  If there are long pauses, where the note or silence lingers for a moment, this is a for a purpose. As I’ve learned from hundreds of hours recording plant music and using it in my life.

Notice what comes up for you….if you have negative thoughts or feelings arise, then notice how it feels as the plant music helps yo release this energy.

The length of the session is 3 hours and 33 minutes. (The actual time the plant stopped singing!!)  and we are including a total of 6 hours of Plant Music of the Cyclamen that was captured before our group meeting started, all the way to the end of the session.  You can use this to create a high vibrational environment that elevates you out of subconscious Lack programming and beliefs and infuses you with creativity and abundance.

Take a Musical, Healing, High Vibrational Journey with Plant Music