Mastery Empowerment Course

with Ana Estrada & Lauren Galey

Lemurian Virtual Pilgrimage

Audio & Video Download – 2 hrs

Ana Estrada

Lemurian Virtual Pilgrimage: The Goddess Pele & Her Dolphin Devotees

Audio & Video Download – 2 hrs

A Virtual Pilgrimage using shamanic technologies to visit Ancient Lemuria and the islands of Hawaii (the Big Island, home to the active dwelling place of the Goddess Pele) and the divinely feminine vibration of Kauai.

The current global paradigm shift continues to release the raw chaos of transformation, the Divine Feminine life force, an inner illumination that brings all our shadow tendencies into view. As our inner world becomes more and more transparent, we can no longer hide the beliefs and mental patterns that escalate our confusion and feed our suffering. We are lovingly invited to receive assistance from the volcanic fire Goddess Pele and the joy-infused Dolphin Beings of Light to live beyond the patterns of the body, mind and emotions, fully choosing our Sovereignty and the 5th dimensional frequencies of the Ascended Gaia.

In this Mastery Empowerment session, we will:

  • Activate and integrate the Ancient Wisdom of Lemuria
  • Deepen into our connection with the Ascended Gaia
  • Journey to the Big Island where deep seeded ancestral patterns that burden us will be unraveled and recalibrated through channeled Light Language transmissions and shamanic initiations
  • Rebirth our awareness into divinely nourishing energy streams that support our collective transformation
  • Immerse ourselves in the high frequencies of Kauai with a powerful Visionary 3rd Eye Activation generated by the Orchid of Lemuria
  • Fully activate our individual quantum fields with the Divine Qualities of Love, Beauty and Grace that will sustain us throughout the next phase of our Ascension Process in Alignment with Gaia.





Come into Alignment with GAIA & THE NEW EARTH