Mastery Empowerment Course

with Aileta Grace

New Earth Principles in Divine Communication from the Masters

2 Audio Classes (2 hours ea)


 with a Bonus Audio Class to share experiences –  recording

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New Earth Principles in Divine Communication from the Masters with Aileta Grace

 Let’s Channel

2 Audio Classes  (download)

 with a Bonus Audio Class to share experiences –  recording


The moment we were born to this embodiment we became a channel of ALL that is. Breathing into that simple and undeniable TRUTH is a release of patterns that block the blessings of divine communion which is a birthright. Reunion, endless support and Infinite LOVE are what we experience when we have been divinely guided through our ability to connect through channeling.

The wonder of our innate abilities which are growing exponentially at hyperactively infinite rates fueled by newly activated encoded light, and the resulting awakenings of our collective willingness to receive that light, have greatly enhanced our capacities to effortlessly RE-connect with and establish ongoing clear contact with our beloveds throughout multiversal time and space.

Join us in this brilliantly delicious limitless NOW unfolding and we will have some fun!

New Earth Principles in Divine Communication from the Masters with Aileta Grace

 Let’s Channel!!

  • DOUBT: How do I know?
  • EGO: Where do I go?
  • WHY? Is this really going to help anyone?
  • WHY DON’ T I HEAR THE WORDS? And yet I feel the thoughts, see the shapes, hear the sound, sense the music and light patterns unfolding all around.

Join Aileta Grace for this Mastery Empowerment course on Channeling.

Along with new theory and practice, with the help of all our beloved guides and team members, we will cover some of the basics as well as and new earth and evolving  principles.

Audio Class 1: Expect gifts, new insights and practical tools to advance what is already available to us… Communication. And yes – the channeling class will be channeled in part (naturally). Receive an activation to manifest your unique communication pyramid aligning with your higher self, Gaia’s crystal core and your beloveds that will be telepathically connecting with you to “chat.”  Primary Teachers on deck will be Venusian Council of Light and Sanat Kumara, Ascended Master Djwal Khul, Adamus (formerly known as Frank Alper), The Wisdom Keeper /Shaman Nestor of the Great Plains of North America… and more surprise guests who will joining us for a lighthearted adventure.

Audio Class 2:  Receive some tips from our divine team members. We will also discuss self-care and how these beautiful frequencies integrate with our divine embodiment to support our health, fine tune our light body for ascension,  and promote joy, strength and  confidence in our body, mind and spirit.