Mastery Empowerment Course

with Gene Ang

The Arcturian Divine Fire Healing Frequencies

3 Audio Transmissions – 2 Hours each 

Plus energy transmissions extracted for individual download





Gene Ang

Mastery Empowerment Class: The Arcturian Divine Fire Healing Frequencies

3 Audio Transmissions of 2 hours each

Plus individual energy sessions in downloadable audio

In this Mastery Empowerment class, we will be exposed to the latest Arcturian Healing Method Level 9 frequencies called the Arcturian Divine Fire Healing Frequencies. These frequencies focus on transforming the subtle bodies of each person with the light of the Ego or the I AM Presence. We will be working directly with the Arcturians as well as the Christ Being (Solar Logos) and Solar Angels such as Archangel Michael and the Host of Other Solar Beings. There are 7 total Arcturian Divine Fire frequencies and each works to transform a specific subtle body. The three days of our course will be divided in the following manner:

  • Day 1: Working with the Arcturian Physical Divine Fire, the Arcturian Etheric Divine Fire, and the Arcturian Emotional Divine Fire
  • Day 2: Working with the Arcturian Mental Divine Fire and the Arcturian Causal Divine Fire
  • Day 3: Working with the Arcturian Spiritual Divine Fire, the Arcturian Non-Dual Divine Fire, and the Arcturian Divine Fire Blast (all 7 frequencies at once)

The alchemy or transformation in the subtle bodies of participants when exposed to these frequencies on a repeated basis leads to what in many spiritual traditions is called the indestructible body of light. After each session participants will be provided with the mp3 recordings of the class so that they can continue to work with the frequencies on an on-going basis. These sessions are useful to people if they are seeking self-healing, spiritual empowerment, and peak performance on all levels.