Mastery Empowerment Course

with Vandana Atara Aura

7D Elohim Energy Healing

2 Sessions: Video & Audio Download

2 individual programs – 1 hour each

* Both events are independent of each other and can be enjoyed in any order


Vandana Atara

Mastery Empowerment Course:  7D Elohim Energy Healing with Vandana Atara Aura

2 Sessions: Video & Audio Download

2 individual programs – 1 hour each

SESSION 1: Saturday, June 29: 1 hour

Receive Divine Intervention & Inspiration from The 7 Rays of Source Creation!

This Elohim Transmission Takes You On A Guided Journey With The Elohim Angels, the Silent Watchers & The Galactic Guardians Who Oversee & Over-Light Your Ascension Process On Planet Earth.

As You Watch & Listen To This Healing Track, You Can Unpack Galactic Karma & Soul Trauma With The Mighty Elohim Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters.

This Sacred Visitation Teleports You To The Heart Of The Elohim Healing Retreat To Rest, Renew & Re-Birth Your Divine Light, True Self & Your Own Cosmic Creatrix.

This is your opportunity to FEEL their essence & Receive Christed Light From The Creator Angels Always Available to walk with you, speak with you, nurture you & support you on your highest soul ascension timeline that serves your highest & greatest good.

Take a cosmic journey to the Sea Of Glass As You Enjoy The Sights, Sounds & Frequencies Ease, Grace & 100% Pure Light!

This Is A Brand New Video Containing Accelerated Light Healing Images, Solfeggio Tones & Elohim Frequencies To Shift & Uplift You Into The Dimension Of Bliss.

For best results, listen with headphones to enhance your healing experience.

SESSION 2: Sunday, June 30: 1 hour

7D Elohim Energy Healing, Blessings & Divine Intervention MP3

The Elohim are a group of God Beings who created this world, and the Divine Parents of humanity.

These Christed Creator Beings Are Your Heavenly Wayshowers that walk with you, speak with you, nurture you & support your highest souls ascension path.

When you call upon them for help & healing, they are always available 24/7.

They are your guides, guardians & angels that guide you in all things because They see you & love you through the eyes of love & the heart of all creation.

The Elohim are your cosmic helpers, counselors, teachers and friends.

Take a journey to your stellar & solar ancestors to open your heart & expand into Elohim Creator Consciousness With Your Soul Family & Emissaries Of Light!

Teleport To The 7th “Mirror-Dimension” Of Reflection Between The 5th dimension and the Galactic Center Where The Elohim Ascended Light Beings Await You.

Experience Miraculous Healing & Divine Intervention From The Heart Of Creation & Realms Of Light To Awaken To Cosmic Bliss, Peace, Space & Grace!

The 7D Frequency Will Soften Your Heart, lift your spirits, & raise your vibration to unlock your creative awareness, magical mastery & powerful alchemy in all timelines, galaxies & realities!

Heal Past Lives, Parallel Realities & Future Potentialities On Your Trauma Timelines In Leumeria, Atlantis & Mu With Your Family Of Light From The Stars!

The Elohim, Oraphim, Seraphim & Cherubim Have Come To Awaken & Activate Your Angelic Blueprint To Embody Heaven On Earth As A Divine Human & Earth Angel.

Give Yourself Permission To Be Guided, Over-Seen & Over-Lit By The Ancients & Elders On Your Path To Ascended Bliss On The Sacred New Earth!

Re-Birth Your Christed Child & Re-Awaken Your Cosmic Creatrix Potential!