Mastery Empowerment Course

with Lisa Transcendence Brown

Actualizing Your NEW Earth REALities Here

Video-on-Demand Course

with downloadable audio & video versions –  Total: 10 hours


Actualizing Your NEW Earth REALities Here

Video-on-Demand with downloadable audio & video versions –  Total: 10 hours


This amazing and phenomenal event with Lisa Transcendence Brown is now available for download in digital video or audio. This was a total of 10-hours with Lisa, and it will continue to work with you in your dream space and sleep space as you collapse old timelines and rewire yourself for New Earth. If you are ready to advance your understanding of how to BE and DO in Higher States of Consciousness…we invite you to experience this course for New Earth. You’ll be adding your energy to our group vibration and receiving ours in return from the Quantum Field!

NEW Earth is born/birthed from within you and you bring it forth to create all new realities here. It’s a completely different reality (infinite ones), than you once “thought” you were here to do/be/live/experience….. NEW Earth is awakened within you, through your own higher dimensional levels of consciousness, through your wide open heart, through your wide open mind and through an intricate process of DNA RE-WRITES that occur as you do the “opposite” of the 3D ways…..

NEW EARTH IS a QUANTUM EXISTENCE…. is your/our Ascended Earth – Experienced in a multitude of ways, all non-linear…..

NEW EARTH COMES FORTH as you, as your Higher Selves/Soul, awaken/emerge from within you, through your Kundalini/LightBody/Energy Body activating and working through every cell of your physical body to recode, re-calibrate, re-structure your whole body, systems, structures and how you function/where you function from…. an immense purification process to clear linearity, density, programming and “imprints” encoded and housed/held in place by your deeply embedded ego-matrix constructs…. Re-alignment and re-structuring of your “REALities” is an immense process that occurs by way of the activation of PHOTONIC LIGHT… This PHOTONIC LIGHT is pure Source Consciousness, it’s living, breathing DNA/RNA, it’s the Light of your Soul/OverSoul and every “level” of Consciousness that you “truly are”, farrrrrrrr and wayyyyyyy beyond your human ego aspect here.

LIGHT ENCODED INTELLIGENCE is in your Multi-Dimensional/MUCH Higher Consciousness DNA, which is activated vibrationally, through frequencies, tones and ENERGY, as well as through your experiences, which serve a multitude of purposes here. These “experiences” are a vibrational response to what you hold, unconscious/karmic timelines/realities that “need” to be cleared, your akash (on every level and there are many), as well as all of your brilliance, purity, gifts and abilities that lay dormant until you activate and utilize these, in conjunction with your own higher consciousness wisdom/guidance that opens up portals of immense possibilities, potentials and opportunities for you to utilize your FREE WILL (CHOICE) TO EMBRACE the NEW fully…. and leave the old mindsets/perceptions/limits/beliefs completely…. as you are here to completely RE-CREATE your REALities, in order to activate, anchor and experience your DREAMS in your physical (HEAVEN ON EARTH), TO ACTUALIZE THEM…. by way of BEing your highest consciousness you and coming to live, exist, work, function in/from UNITY, Pure Joy, Pure Love, Simplicity, Kindness, Consideration, Openness, Sharing, Supporting, while no longer supporting the old, which is how all is allowed to “continue”, because your ego aspect kept it going from a place of fear, judgment… a distrust that occurs from a place of separation held within.

TRANSCENDING ALL SEPARATION means re-connecting from your own Deep Soul Level inside and learning everything all over again. NEW EARTH is a whole new Value System, a whole new Everything…. it is experienced by your Quantum You, which emerges as your human aspect fully surrenders to your Soul/Higher Self you…..

NEW EARTH is Ascended Earth, where you begin to LIVE as a Multi-Dimensional here. It’s your ability to see, recognize and decide what’s appropriate, whats aligned, what’s in-tune harmonically through Purity and what is not, and your Response-Ability & Cap-Ability to tune, shift, and completely bring all realities in to a much higher state of consciousness yourself.

NEW EARTH is a Multi-Dimensional Earth, that is always available to all who are truly ready for this experience…. and is the GIFT we gave ourselves, yet we have to “earn it”, as it’s not handed to us on a Silver Platter… and all “entitlement” energy has to go. Once/AS we “learn”/allow ourselves to surrender, reconnect, play like an innocent child and REMEMBER the purity, ease, simplicity, PURE PEACE and JOY… then it’s time to start to step up to fulfill much higher purposes/missions/roles for all of HUmaNITY here.  This innocence, magic and wide-open purity opens up “portals” to all “new” realities for us all…. and is a process of realigning our entire lives here.

WALKING IN A DREAM becomes our “new” for awhile. As we acclimate, integrate and LIVE HIGHEST CONSCIOUSNESS with our every breath, our entire reality BECOMES a DREAM… that supports us, our service to HUmaNITY and all multi-dimensional realities too. (Just not like any one of us “thought”, which is why all judgments and limited perceptions have to go).

Gaia has a new template now in place. A 12D Divine Template that re-distributes all on a Quantum Level, allocates all VIBRATIONALLY and non-linearly…. which is nothing like the old ways of 3D Consciousness, which is the “opposite” of how our realities work here. 3D was separation, ego and unconscious linear programs/mentalities and heavy density (emotions/mentally/physically), all suppressed and held in place by each, due to limited ability to see and understand, because our hearts have to open enough for “any of this” to become visible. First in the dream (sleep or waking day-dream) states, then more and more in the waking state as each fully opens up to ALLOW, the process of DNA/TEMPLATE rewrites/reconfigurations is a SOUL DECISION, not a human one. The amount of density that must clear, the amount of illusions and distortions that must become visible is immense. And the complete RE-EDUCATION that we all go through to awaken, bring forth and understand our highest states of consciousness is EXPERIENTIAL and through LIGHT CODES…. that can be “received” in a multitude of ways. First, WE must be completely open to this, or WE are the resistance…..

Join us for this Mastery Empowerment MasterClass to touch on a wide range of topics that are all part of the EQUATION, and to discuss the “hows” for opening up more, listening more, allowing more, choosing more, embracing more and shifting more…. AS YOUR HIGHER/HIGHEST SELVES, as your own Soul Self, your Multi-Dimensional Quantum YOU that exists BEYOND all of the previous mindsets, limits and beliefs “once” held. We discuss how everything is a matrix program, how each’s individual matrix system works, how to identify/understand an accelerate these processes and phases with greater ease, grace and as LOVE.

These courses/programs/series are all taught through the application and transmission of Simplified Quantum Light Codes, which correlates to Sacred Geometrics, Equations and Energetics all activated just through your presence, openness, readiness and participation in this inner-active event. Your willingness to hear and see and apply/implement “new” higher consciousness practices to your own life is HOW you actualize your own highest vibrational NEW Earth REALities here. Quantum Teachings are completely non-linear and bring all the “pieces and parts” forth, from a non-linear space and are delivered in a way that you can take/find your own understandings and see how all correlates to your own journey/experience here. ♥

Here are some of the Discussion Points we will mention/work into and some to discuss at length, so that you can see how vast all of this is, yet how “easy” when you truly understand and listen through your PURE HEART SPACE as your Higher Consciousness you:

The importance of:

  • Conscious Choice, Conscious Creation, Conscious Sacred Connection
  • Re-Prioritizing and focusing your conscious energy
  • Discerning and shifting vibrationally, clearing the emotional programming on a cellular level
  • Expanding your consciousness constantly
  • Observing your partially open heart vs. your wide open heart
  • Your Physical Body, how it plays a part, as well as how it goes through immense DNA re-writes (LightBody phases of NOW Evolution)
  • How your Physical Reality is a vibrational response to all existences, not just the physical one
  • From Linear to non-Linear (Quantum)
  • Photonic Light/DNA Upgrades, Integration and Application
  • Sleep/Waking States
  • Multi-Dimensionality as a Conscious Experience or an Unconscious one
  • Consciously Clearing Karma/Karmic Timelines (various levels are handled differently) as is Jumping/Consciously Collapsing Timelines too
  • Light Quotients and Density
  • Processing Speeds dictate how “fast” or “slow” all occurs (Quantum is Instant). Density slows this process down.
  • Your relationships, how you support yourself, creating/building all new
  • Physical Body, Gamma LightBody, Crystalline LightBody, Plasma LightBody, Avatar Consciousness LightBody and Photonic DNA/Light Intelligence
  • How Cellular, Grids and Templates, Matrixes and Fields are a part of “all of this”
  • Your Body/Field of Consciousness, Synchronization and Harmonization (Separation/Divisive or Unified Field)
  • WayShowers, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers, Stabilizers, Frequency-Code Holders, Guardians, Ancients. Emmisaries, Light Councils and more
  • Re-aligning YOUR Life with greater ease
  • How Acceptance is KEY, while other “acceptance” is no longer possible….
  • Decoding your own Matrix programs and re-coding/re-programming as your higher/highest version/aspects of your self
  • Embracing without EGO, while understanding your EGO and purposes of this…
  • Stepping into your POWER as Higher Consciousness LOVE
  • BEing a LIGHT in every way, without depleting and trying to “save” or “fix” or “need” anymore
  • BEing the EXAMPLE, Showing the Way and allowing all to CHOOSE, from a deep sacred RESPECT AND LOVE for all as ONE here
  • Sharing, supporting and receiving as a vibrational non-linear response….. means you coming from a very different place/space than before
  • NEW Earth Relationships (Pure, Sovereign and no more “hiding”, lack, taking, imposing, projecting, ego games)
  • Building and creating a whole new FOUNDATION for your REALities and emanating/working from this place/space….
  • From Linear to Quantum to Quantum Linear…. your physical Lightbody will dictate, as well as your processing/production capabilities on a multi-dimensional level
  • Releasing all JUDGMENTS and E-MOTIONS (mentalities/distortions), so that you can see clearly and choose/act from a different place/space inside
  • Applying Diamond Light Code Consciousness to how you view, perceive, see and act
  • Observing as your higher/highest selves to see/understand/choose vs. creating a judgment/opinion and getting caught up in duality games
  • The processes of going offline and disconnecting from the old matrixes and grids and coming online with the Crystalline Matrix/Grids and networking systems of NEW Earth NOW/HERE.
  • The reason we pull away, go inside and clear our fields of all external stimuli
  • Becoming a fully conscious transmitter, receiver and generator … through your evolving DNA and re-generating LightBodies
  • The importance of Full Conscious Surrender (your ego resists this at all costs and your body’s consciousness must be understood)
  • Your awakening physical body transitioning over to 5D+ from 3D/4D Density/Consciousness
  • Your Heart, Brain, Skull, Spine, Blood, Oxygen, Organs, Flesh, Eyes, Hearing, Throat, Glands, Muscles, Bones, Teeth…. and how all “plays a part” in all of “this” (Multi-Dimensional DNA Evolution occurring and accelerating constantly now)
  • Understanding “Challenges” and breaking down the old linear everything as well as activating alternate realities, which are a part of multi-dimensionality
  • NEW COMMUNICATION: Energetic, Light Codes, Telepathy and beyond words (Words are only used when teaching, synchronizing and accomplishing with greater ease. Words are different here…. Every word is vibrational and transmits a reality, so we take great care in every word breathed…. the same goes for thoughts, emotions… all energy that is formed for purposes of delivery and how all is received and all through Purity… which transmits clarity and very different signals than the vibration of human words. Every word and phrase has Encodements embedded, as does each’s body/field/energy, which is “read” through the Unified Field of Full Consciousness, where words don’t matter/are not necessary, unless there’s a specific purpose/point. Everything is signals, codes and data…. that is “read” and not visible to our human aspect, yet to use as Light BEings, this is how we function… which is very different than “the old” and a part of all of our Evolution here as Light BEings in form.
  • Our return to an organic, living Consciousness life where all is connected, affected and unified as ONE. A pure existence not tainted by human ego distortions anymore, where all are an integral part and contribute to the much bigger picture for us all here…. WE Each “do” this from within us, which is how all shifts on a collective level and WE BEcome the “New” (Individually and together)…. as LOVE… fully connected again as Souls and StarBEings, LightBEings in form here.
  • Pure Source Consciousness Embodiment = Beyond human mindsets and words…
  • Abundance comes as you learn to truly understand, share, support, inspire and Master the Physical through your own highest states of consciousness here (Remembered States)
  • How NEW Earth is full and infinite abundance. There is not one ounce of “lack” here, because of how we live/exist….
  • How you do have to “let go”. You can’t have both. You do have to choose NEW EARTH or the ride/transition is beyond uncomfortable.
  • Photonic DNA Evolution will challenge everything you once believed, challenge every part of your human aspect and re-work all for you too….
  • This is a magical, surprising and brilliant, rewarding and pure heart expanding experience, once you embrace fully (and go all-in) too!

From linear to non-linear to Quantum, from your head to your heart to your higher mind consciousness and to CREATING, Constructing and Building your own NEW EARTH REALITIES through your own inner vision/guidance/seeing…. can be as “easy” as you are truly ready to embrace, BE and DO…. from that magical and magnificent and brilliant space inside that’s already “done” all of these realities…. the “doing” is the “tricky” part, because it’s nothing like the old…… ♥

Activating and providing a NEW ENERGETIC TEMPLATE (and blueprint) for each to work from, integrate and implement is important for us all. Part of what I do is assist with the activation, the explanations and bring all into new awareness… for easier transitions into NEW EARTH REALITIES… which supports us all as LOVE! ♥

This entire program is Light Encoded and a Key Code Activator through Avatar Consciousness Codes transmitted and received.