Mastery Empowerment Course

with Sherry Mosley

Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Session: Hawaii Lemuria Roots and Whales and Dolphins for Higher Knowledge and ET Contact

2 Transmission Sessions in Audio Download



Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Session: Hawaii Lemuria Roots and Whales and Dolphins for Higher Knowledge and ET Contact 

2 Sessions  Audio Download 

This Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Session pair we’ll be connecting to your Akashic Records/Book of Life and the Book of Truth/Multiverse Knowledge of the Akasha to bring in Light codes reconnecting to the ancient oceans of Hawaii to the crystal skull there and alignment with one’s greater abilities.

Ancient Hawaii has a deep history of rebirth and reforming. While connecting to this place we’ll travel through time to visit the necessary timelines that allow us to gain greater Knowledge through the ancient crystal skull located on one of the smaller islands only those of the indigenous bloodline can visit. We’ll be initiated by Pele the fire earth goddess to enter this sacred land and its lineage that goes all the way back to ancient Lemuria acting as a portal for humanity when it first arrived to this dimensional version of Earth. Reconnect to those origins to again understand who you Truly are as a Divine Universal Light Being.

I have spent quite a bit of time on the Hawaiian islands and feel and have a deep connection there. Last year during the retreat there on Kauai I was initiated by the spirit Shamans, Pele and the cetaceans that are there to live there and connect to the energy there. Prior to this I was contacted by Pele in a shamanic journey where I was initiated to connect with the land there and guided to do the retreat there, Kauai in particular which is known to be a vortex location and a place of death for rebirth as this is where new souls are said to come in. A portal or gateway to enter this dimension of Earth.

For the second session we’ll be connecting with the cetaceans (whales and dolphins) for their ancient and higher Knowledge and abilities to connect with extra terrestrial beings. These are wise, kind and playful creatures we have much to learn from. This session will allow us to connect back with these aspects of ourselves and learn new ones and gain higher Knowledge while we connect to their energy frequencies and collective mind in this timeline and the many other timelines they have existed in. As us they too have incarnated in many other lifetimes and on many other planets.

There will be a short introduction, then a 30-40 minute Light Language transmission followed by sharing and Q&A.