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with Lisa Transcendance Brown

An Opportunity for Conscious Planetary Evolution

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Living Higher Consciousness HUmaNITY 2222 SOURCE Codes

This is an important time (vibration) for HUmanity and a HUGE OpportUNITY for BEing an integral part of creating and implementing a whole new SYSTEM that supports and benefits The People and ALL AS ONE. It presents infinite opportunities for NEW SOLUTIONS where an entirely NEW SYSTEM is born/emerges through a Massive Collective Consciousness Shift. All NEW Ways replace the old, outdated, distorted and out of balance/unconscious ones.


Uniting to work/live/co-exist together requires that each do their part, as all is CommUNITY/UNITY-BASED and supports ALL AS LOVE. A NEW EARTH HUMANITY lives within each one of us where compassion, care, deep sacred connection and respect govern and prevail. A NEW 12D VERSION OF EARTH already exists, where Full Consciousness and Living from our deeply connected hearts is how we access COSMIC REMEMBRANCE for shifting our Entire Planet over to a PEACEful and JOYful Society/Civilization of HUMANITARIANS all living/creating/working together FOR the BENEFIT of ALL….


NEW EARTH is OUR UNITED HUMANITY where all are included, where everyone benefits, everyone contributes and everyone receives. The “catch”? Everyone has to move beyond the old ways and open up to embrace all new ways, BEing the Difference/Change and dramatically shift entire lifestyles, priorities and behavior to REFLECT a much Higher State of Consciousness than before. This Global Reset brings all to ZERO POINT and occurs in continual phases/transitions and changes/shifts. We are DEEP in the middle of a massive PLANETARY & COSMIC ALIGNMENT of/for ALL. This occurs on a Quantum/Multi-Dimensional/Vibrational/Energetic/Cellular level that is understood when observing all through our Higher Consciousness Heart-Mind. This is a process of taking all into account and doing what is HUMANE, JUST and HONORS all as important and Sacred while INTENTIONALLY and CONSCIOUSLY DISSOLVING THE OLD and replacing it with that which is highest aligned on every level for all.


NEW Earth IS ASCENDED EARTH: We are in a collective rebirth/reset/re-do where everyone plays a part and has very important roles to fulfill as a part of Service to HUmanity NOW. NEW Earth Codes and Templates are ENCODED in everyone’s DNA and each’s Physical LightBody/Energetic Field is BEYOND IMPORTANT in achieving a Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth Vibratory Rate for experiencing all new realities here.


WE invite you to open your heart-mind fully and join us for this beautiful Mastery Empowerment Session to further accelerate Conscious(ness) Expansion and shifting through New Realizations, Full Presence/Observation and Awareness of how powerful WE ALL actually are when Uniting and Working together as Light. ☼